Similar to a glacial erratic, which is a rock that deviates from the prevailing local bedrock. A racial erratic refers to one's neighbors of questionable skin color despite their generally good morals, as well as high levels of education and social class.
Yeah we totally have a racial erratic citing down the block. A black family of lawyers just moved in. On OUR side of the gates!
by D. Saunders February 13, 2008
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1) Also known as (EDD)--can be connected with ADD

2) When you have an imagination that is so active that it interferes with your regular life

3) To day-dream too much

4) having wild fantasies during sunny hours
Fred: Bob

Bob: silent**

Fred: BOB!

Bob: What the hell, man?--goes back to day-dreaming**

Stranger who passes by: I think he has Erratic Day-dreaming Syndrome, dude
by iMilky May 24, 2009
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When re-winded forward then back it makes this noise.

Errate Errate
by Errate November 23, 2017
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