Expression associated with stoners and surfers;

To Wig-Out:
1.To become confused due to lack of awareness;
2.To become frustrated as a result of misunderstanding something;
3.To realise that everybody in the universe is conspiring against you because you know too much...
1.'Where am I? What happened? I'm wiggin' out man!'

2.'What the hell is wrong with this PC? I'm pressin' the on button! I'm wiggin' out man! What's wrong with this thing?'

'You're not pressing the on button, you're poking yourself in the cheek with a biro!'


3. 'Oh crap man, they're out to get me! I'm wiggin' out, man!'
by El Weasle July 8, 2005
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To freak out or to start freaking out. Usually when inebriated under a variety of substances.
John is wigging out!
You're wigging out dude!
by ^MisterJingo^ December 19, 2003
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Displaying irrational behavior usually brought on by stress and/or external pressures.
Sean is wigging out over the phone constantly ringing.
by Bobby Lee April 5, 2005
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1 Being devoid of reality, To lose sense of normalcy, An out of body experience. To act crazy as a reaction. To briefly flirt with lunacy.
He really "wigged out" when he realized the entire crowd watched him privately urinate in front of the one way mirror.
by David Mckee January 18, 2006
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To suddenly become unnecessarily worried, anxious, upset, or paranoid most often while under the influence of an intoxicating substance--especially marijuana.

Sometimes refers to a more favorable drug-induced mood change such as suddenly experiencing uncontrollable laughter, though the term "geek out" is more appropriate in this case.
It sucks when people wig out. Smoking in the park was awesome until Chris wigged out and made us leave. It's not like the cops would have seen us. He was just being paranoid.
by i'm tripping, not trippin' March 25, 2008
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When someone begins acting weird or panicking in an everyday situation
Friend one: Oi Ned hookup with that chick
Friend two: Nah dude he won't, look at him.. he's wigging out.
Friend one: Did you hookup with her?

Ned: Nah I wigged out so hard bro
by Sick Lad Nedchav September 26, 2012
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To throw a fit or go crazy, usually caused by something, but sometimes spontaneously caused by build up of energy.
Whoa, those guys called Jim a weirdo, then he had a total wig out, killed them, and stuffed their testicles into their mouths.
by Chrissings January 20, 2005
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