When a Dom has his sub dress like a complete slut and holds her hand as they walk down the street. He is "Displaying" his submissive slut for all to see.
Look at this guy displaying his slut in public.
by RainforestFor3 December 21, 2021
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a thing that is on something that you can't touch
So a kid in my mom's class defined display as it is above...
by funny kid's definitions September 16, 2010
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When you have to go take a dump so bad that you are willing to use a stall without a door.
I got the squirts so bad that I was on display in that restroom.
by Rex Feral FBI February 29, 2012
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when your men are running from the battlefield. shouted by overzealous samurai retainers.
*bow ashigaru fighting warrior monks*

ashigaru: owp, we're fucked, time to leg it

general's assistant: our men are running from the battlefield! SHAMEFUL DISPLAY!
by robert jonson April 25, 2011
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A magical and revolutionary display only found on the iPhone 4. The magic stems from the fact that not only is this display high res but its "Retina" too, meaning high res, in addition to already being high res. This means that the display is double high res!

So even if it does have mediocre contrast (800:1), poor gamut, and inferior viewing angles, you know its high quality. And because your eyes can't even see the pixels you wouldn't even know how washed out it looks!
Steve: "Once you use a Retina Display you can't go back"
Steve: "Were serious thats a rule, its in the ToS"
Steve: "You'll wake up dead if you try, and all your Apps won't work"
by theSakMaster June 23, 2010
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n. A turd or poop that when deposited into the toilet, doesn't quite reach the water in the bowl. The specimen usually remains in this location through several flushes, on display for the next few users of the toilet.
Don't use stall three in the office bathroom - someone left a display model after lunch.

Jim, you should really get a high-powered toilet flusher. Every time I use the crapper, I leave a display model.
by zobx June 21, 2009
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In a party, when you are grinding you pull up your shirt and girls run your abs.
by ni2k October 7, 2010
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