The act of becoming emotionally and physically aroused by the sight or the thought of a technicality of a certain topic of major interest.

It resembles an "orgasm of the mind".

Geeking out is not a universal feeling. As a result, if one person in a group geeks out, everyone else is wondering in curiosity what is wrong with that person.
I geek out all the time that I read about my favorite software language.

When I saw how all the computers were built, I totally geeked out!

When I heard that he had collected all the baseball cards that I had looked for for so long, and he finally offered to show me that collection, I totally geeked out!
by DENSC March 15, 2009
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to become immediately obsessive or enthralled in a subject that is considered by many to be geek-favorable. this includes comics, books, technology, etc.
i was done with comics, so i never expected to geek out when i heard about the Xmen movie, but i still reread every issue i had in like 3 days!!
by ben dover Hugh Gass July 15, 2011
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To engage in a conversation of a highly technical nature, typically with some other members of the party you are with, completely (and usually inadvertently) alienating others in the process.
We were having a great conversation about how bad Windows was, when suddenly Bill started geeking out about assembler code on a PDP-10.
by ke6isf September 9, 2004
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1. To participate in or talk excessively about a current interest or obsession which is not part of mainstream culture.

2. To enthusiastically share details about a current interest which is of little or no importance to your audience.
She told me not to geek out about capoeira unless I had something new to say.
by Julie Halsema April 20, 2006
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To behave in an overtly geeky manner, esp. if this behavior is a departure from the norm for you (e.g if you are a closeted geek)
On Saturday night I settled in with a big pile of junk food and caffienated beverages to watch the whole original Star Wars trilogy (Empire twice, 'cause it's the best) while reading slashdot and planning my next case mod. But don't tell anyone I totally geeked out
by Kathryn January 18, 2004
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laughing really hard, usually after smoking a particularly large quantity of pot.
listening to the 'i would walk 500 miles' song makes matt geek out.
by abcdefak August 3, 2008
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To go Fuckin crazy and lose control physically and mentally after smoking marijuana. Basically being WAY to high and not being able to control yourself.
Yo i hit that Kush man and I Geeked out soo hard. Random laughing and saying bullshit, I couldn't do shit man, I was waaayyy to smacked. Damn I cant geek out like that any more haha.
by chillin B February 9, 2010
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