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Wiffer a man with a Wife or Girlfriend, that his significant other wears the pants in the relationship. A man that has a wife or girlfriend and she doesn’t want him to spend time with friends or doesn’t let him do anything by himself or with friends. A man that doesn’t have the balls to do whatever he wants specially with his guyfriends!!
All The Fellas get together on Sunday to Drink Beer Bar B Que and watch all the Football games until we are drunk. However we have some Wiffer friends that either never show up or leave early because they are wiffers!

My Friend's Albert and Henry are Wiffers they never make it to the Football Bar B Ques on Sunday because they are wiffers. My Friend Eric sometimes shows up to the Bar B Que but most of the time he is wiffing it with his lady so does Romeo!!!
by Kid Kidster!! October 29, 2007
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