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An idiotic misspelling of the word "heinous".
Morons tend to not only misspell the word heinous as 'hanus', but lso tend to misuse it as well.
by socawkpeng January 22, 2010
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Hanu: Acronym for Hook a Nigga Up


1. To give aid, especailly when giving something for free that would otherwise require some sort of payment.

2. To request such a hanu.

3. The act or instance of a hanu

4. To describe somthing which was hanued.
Dat brotha hanus with mass fried chicken.

Hey brotha, hanu with some chips.
by Juan Valdez Jr. April 12, 2003
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when something is just so wrong or is just retarted
man, whay is he wearin' that hanus gear..
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when your anus has alot of pubes
the act of having a hairy anus
jake:dude that chick had so many hairs on her ass
dillon: oh she had a hanus then?
by matt throop February 13, 2009
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Worse than bootleg and even worse than haggard, hanus is something that is just fucking done.

See fubar.
(Chris and Tom are at a party)

Tom: "Yo Chris check out that girl!"
Chris: "Wher...AH! HANUS BITCH!" *puke*
by betardfoozer February 07, 2005
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