I needed some flow so I started slingin yay
by dee*licious January 10, 2005
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sellin ....sellin weed mostly...runnin the scales
he be slingin that sh*t fo sho
by SlinginQueen March 14, 2003
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The act of using anal sex for financial gain.
After going bankrupt I resorted to slingin' ring to get back on my feet.
by OlivanderTeatfeat December 15, 2016
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To sell crack rocks.

Also used to say slingin dro- marijuana
slingin yay- cocaine
Gangsta A** N***a #1: yo man where you git that fat roll?

Gangsta A** N***a #2: I was downtown slingin rocks last night.
by Da Maaaaaan Ya Digg November 21, 2008
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to throw that pussy back as though a man would sling dick
Guy1: Did you have fun with Hannah?
Guy2: Yea she was slingin pussy all night, shit was wild!
by urmomisanut July 18, 2022
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A phrase ofen used my Afroman in songs such as Palmdale and Let's get Drunk Tonight. Means to sell crack cocaine.
Me and the homies were slingin' yay to to all the boyz in the hood.
by biggizzle May 13, 2009
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Firing guns, Sprayin bullets, shootin
Yo Ragz, I be up on that street smokin a swishie and some motha fucka drives by an starts slingin turtles.
by Dakilla January 23, 2007
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