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An alternate spelling of "white," referring to Caucasian. Plural: wypipo (white people).
Sometimes used by writers of color when discussing racism on social media so their posts won't be censored and their accounts suspended due to computer algorithms.
One way whyte feminism benefits whyte women is in the wage gap. When they say they make 78 cents for every dollar a whyte man makes, they oppress women of color. The truth is, whyte women make 82 cents on every dollar a whyte man makes. Black women make only 65 cents, and non-whyte Hispanic women make only 58 cents.
by Annikeeper October 15, 2017
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An alternative spelling of white used by POC on social media to avoid racist censorship algorithms
Too many whyte people are still complicit in perpetrating blatant racism
by roodswing October 16, 2017
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Different than a white person. A Whyte person loves Donald J. Trump! A Whyte person is classy like a regular white person but also wild like a redneck
That family was so whyte.

She was really whyte she had a whole Trump outfit
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by Woodcock;) April 23, 2018
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