An alternative spelling of white used by POC on social media to avoid racist censorship algorithms
Too many whyte people are still complicit in perpetrating blatant racism
by roodswing October 15, 2017
an incredibly cute name that is not racist no matter what anyone says.
by eliawinters May 13, 2015
A young hooligan who frequently gets into trouble with the grampian police and probably has a youth Councellor

Fuck me that young Daniel is a right whytee these days
by Sam-the-bam November 14, 2007
Scottish Slang To whytee or be on the whytee, is to vomit after drinking a large amount of alcoholic beverages.
"Did you have a good night last night?" "No, I was on the whytee."
by indigo32 August 18, 2011
A racist term used to define people of European decent. Often used as alternate term for other racial slurs to bypass alerting social platform moderating.
by Mr. Roboxi Human December 14, 2020
A white person who can't cook and wonders why Mayo is spicy
How Whyte do you gotta be to only cook bland shit?
by StygRenegade December 18, 2020
Different than a white person. A Whyte person loves Donald J. Trump! A Whyte person is classy like a regular white person but also wild like a redneck
That family was so whyte.

She was really whyte she had a whole Trump outfit
by Woodcock;) December 30, 2017