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1. a woman that goes around too much that her vagina swelled up and looks like a bagel.
2. everything you love about bagels wrapped up in a nice toasty whore.
Dude: "Hey that girl over there is checking me out"
Dude2: "don't do it man, she's a whorebagel"
by Jamonkatrunk October 03, 2010
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NOUN - A person who is either sexually promiscuous, generally ignorant, or both simultaneously.
Natasha - "I am NOT riding in the car with that whorebagel!"

Brett - "You and Kim kept me up again last night! You're such a whorebagel!"
by Ping-Lian January 10, 2008
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Whore bagel is an insult that is usually directed towards people who are stupid and or more "whorish" then others.
Brianna you aint nothin but a dirty whore bagel!
by Benton November 15, 2004
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Nasty bitches, usually REALLY fat, ugly, stupid, and all around a burden to society. They vary from loud obnoxious red-headed firecrotch teases, to greasy tan multi-colored haired homewreckers. They have the tendency to do things like snorting every time they laugh to get attention, or crying over everything because they want to make people turn against the person they're making look bad.
Whore Bagel: Kelly Cooney, Megan Alexopolous.
by CKAMWB April 04, 2010
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An inside joke, term used for people like Nikkili Maxwell, who inspired this incredible word founded by Bentonious Portofino.
Nikki was being one huge whore bagel
by Mishy November 16, 2004
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