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CE is an acronym for "casual encounters" a section of the popular trading website craigslist. CE represents to the rest of the world a place where sexual favors are exchanged for the lowest level of implied commitment. It is typically infested with single moms, prostitutes, transsexuals, and jailbait who are all vying with each other to trap Mr. Scumbag USA into an LTR (Long Term Relationship) with the promise of NSA (No Strings Attached) sex.
Justin : Dude my fucking sac itches and I think I got herpes on my face.

Frank : Well you shouldn't have fucked that chick from CE dude.

Justin : Yeah, I mean it was cool that she was really into anal, but I probably should have known better.

Frank : Sometimes you have to think about what you don't want before you think about what you want.

Justin : Sage advice.
by Darker January 21, 2010
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Madstop is a palindrome for Potsdam. Potsdam, NY is a small community located in Northern NY. This term is used by locals of the area, typically the young, as an alternative name for their hometown.
Dave : Fuck, I gotta go back to 'ole madstop tommorow to see the folks.

Nate : It's not so bad you know you get to hang out with me right? We can drive to the mall if you can get away from your parents for a while.

Dave : You know that is exactly why I left in the first place.
by Darker August 2, 2010
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A combination of the word "abomination" and the name "Obama". Used to describe any dogpile produced by this particular president.
Andrew : Jesus Crist! Another fucking bailout, wtf could make this obomination worse?

Richard : Hillary 2012
by Darker May 20, 2009
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A fairy tale divorce is something that a man and woman both might hear about from their friends, and to each the term has a fundamentally different connotation. To a male, a fairy tale divorce implies an escape from a marriage with only minor fiscal, physical, and emotional losses. To a female, a fairy tale divorce means that ex-hubbie decided that a good divorce lawyer was a luxury he could not afford.
Charlie : So Rich are how did it work out with the lawyers?

Richard : She got the house, but I got the car and the camp.

Charlie : You know you got off pretty lucky on this one.

Richard : Yeah, I can't deny it fuckin' fairy tale divorce as far as I'm concerned.

Charlie : She let you off pretty easy for all that screwing around.

Richard : Yep, stupid and big tits that's what I married her for. Hopefully, she finds a nice rich dude who enjoys watching desparate housewives and listening to her talk about the joys of teaching 3rd grade.
by Darker August 10, 2010
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Only having one partner/mate, and you only write in a romantic or sexual context on and off of the timeline with that one partner. When writing with others it is platonic.
I am exclusive (role play) with my writing partner.
by Darker September 30, 2020
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A Western NY phenomena; the so-called "Chippewa Guido" represents an amalgamated term used to disparage a group of men who walk the line between homosexual and heterosexual and who frequent the ale houses along West Chippewa St. in Buffalo, NY. As the name implies, this group is represented by "men" of roughly Italian origin however, in recent years some of both Middle Eastern and Latino decent may also join their ranks based on considered adoption of meterosexual fashion.

A Chippewa Guido can be recognized by several key traits. The first is hair gel - the more the better. The second is that they are inordinately loud, and will scream at helpless televisions despite the fact that the people on the TV cannot hear them. Third, they talk about their sexual conquests incessantly.

As to mating, one or more Chippewa Guido's will often attempt to approach on a single lady or group of ladies and will then will attempt to enthrall them using a semi-erotic courtship display. The prevalence and success of such acts weather or not they result in coitus are used within the group establish pack-dominance.
Roger : I fucking hate this bar, it cost me 10$ to get in and the whole place is stuffed with sausage.

Helen : It's not as bad as you think look at the Chippewa Guido’s over there. I don't think they are a threat to you.

Roger : Your thinking sword fighting ?

Helen : I'm just saying. When men hook up, you win. I mean look at this place there are more men than women, but most of these dudes are probably going home together.

Roger : You make an excellent point, but I really don't like the way that Turkish dude is looking at my package. Let's get the fuck out of here.
by Darker January 21, 2010
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"Oirish" is a term coined by amused Irish natives to describe anything associated with the tourist cult of Ireland that paints it as the land of shamrocks, blarney stones, leprechauns, and Guinness.

It can also be used to describe anyone who despite many generations in the new world and questionable Irish ancestry constantly proclaims themselves to be Irish. This can range from an innocent baseball cap with a shamrock on it to a drunken twit in a kilt idiotically greeting everyone with a faux accented "top o' the mornin' to yah laddie".
Phill : Oh look it's J. do you see that the twit brought himself a shillelagh.

Robert : Yeah I see. It's great little costume he has there you'd almost think the oirish twit was auditioning for a part on Ballykissangel.

American Tourist : Put a Shamrock in Me Guinness.

Bartender : ::Tosser::
by Darker March 15, 2011
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