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A combination of whore and garbage. A female displaying dubious morals, severe promiscuity, and an odor of decomposing waste.
Hey Emilie, why don't you stop getting wasted, luring guys to stick it in your sarlac pit, and pay your child support you stupid piece of whorebage.
by izatt March 06, 2007
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The female variation of a douche bag, or a bag of douche. Specifically, a psycho bitch who treats her best friend like crap because she can't handle her emotions or drugs. She may or may not also be bipolar and/or hormonal which only multiplies the severity of her whorebage-ness. Regardless of the severity of the bitchy attitude, she always feels terrible for what she said or did.
Bestie, sorry I was such a whorebage today. I'm just an emotional basket case and junkie bitch.
by DivineSparkles March 17, 2015
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