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Alt spelling for whoopee. It means fucking.
Matt and John made whoopie all night
by Jacon (jay-son) August 23, 2003
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In The Words Of Jason Lee "Whats whoopie?" Umm If we were bieng intimate,, "You Mean Like Fucking?!?!?"
yes whoopie is the appropriate term for
fucking,bumping uglies,screwing,getting porked, i could go on lets just leave it to the term sex
o man guess what? What? Your sister came Over Last night and We Made Whoopie!!! *punch*
by Keaton rondelli ~WOW~ September 26, 2006
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echar un quiqui, another term for sex
Sweet whoopie on the beach, c'mon everybody!!
by woop woop October 03, 2003
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You people are SICK!...Whoopie is a type of tasty dessert. Kind of like a devil dog.
"Man!! This is some DARN GOOD WHOOPIE!.....Whoopie Pie that is!"

"I love the fresh smell of Whoopie...Pie"

"I can't wait to go home tonight and share some fresh whoopie with my husband...hmmm thats some yummy Pie"
by KnS03 March 21, 2007
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Exclamation declared when one produces the ingredient for the delicious center of an infamous Whoopie Pie.
Once the chocolaty exterior of his Whoopie Pie and been baked, Colton went to supply the key ingredient, and his roommates heard "Whoopie!!!"
by JoePops February 14, 2012
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