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This is when someone has smoked too much weed and they faint and they're sick and they turn really white.
Ohmigod! I can't believe that Chantelle whited, what a pothead!
by nonayabiz April 10, 2007
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Similar to, excepted Usually involves taking a white cock and pounding it into a virgin vagina until it fits.
The bananarangs were already whited to pieces.
by highway 6 January 31, 2017
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White D is the family women everyone goes to with their problems on benefits street.

But has now made it on itv loose women .
“White D so what do you think about the benefits the government hands out”
“Well it’s not that people don’t want to work yeah there are some but there are people on benefits who do want to work but it’s too easy to be on benefits”
by Stayout March 29, 2019
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Someone who is high most of the day, sometimes he can be kind
Your whited arent you
by RSMS May 01, 2016
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