A very broad term that can vary from region to region. Usually used to describe lowclass, selfish, and generally unintelligent people who usually don't know, or are in denial about thier overall shitty lifestyle.They are usually behind the current trends by 4-10 years.

Though it does vary regionally, some common characteristics may include:

-In men, a shaved head and goatee beard are common to cast the illusion that they are a bouncer at a bar

-In women it is common to see skimpy clothing and tattoos on thier back above thier pantline (see tramp stamp)

-Some wear clothing that was popular with African-Americans 3-4 years ago. Also,they sometimes wear basketball jerseys and shorts, though thier physique would suggest that they have never played any sports...ever

-Talk and act like they are good at fighting, usually it is in fact, only an act.

-They buy items to repair thier home, car, etc. though with good intentions, usually aren't used and sometimes converted to various pieces of furniture

-Are always proud of material items that someone else has(usually thier boss, or brother in law)

-Get tattoos and tongue or eyebrow piercings even though they have been out of style for approx. ten years

-Use "big" words and don't know the definition...or try to sound well spoken around non white trash. ex: "What had happened was,he had the audacity to not wanna fight, so i punched him in the face."

-Usually white trash can also be identified through thier children.Excessive animal hair on thier clothing, mohawk haircuts, and professional wrestling t-shirts are good indicaters.Along with loud talking, screaming, and intrusive questions to complete strangers.

-Use material items as an extension to prove thier worth or manhood. Including big trucks and or wheels, big dogs (pitbulls), and big television sets

-They almost always have a large ego. They feel that they are never wrong or at fault and if you feel differently they will threaten you physically

-They have very unique political views. The ones that actually work usually vote democrat because the media makes them feel they are upperclass if they do so. Ironically the non working ones with "disabilities" (bad back) are proud republicans even though its the democrats that keep thier welfare checks coming

-They always talk of being good parents, and upstanding citizens,though rarely are

-They don't feel that music is good unless it's been played on the radio a million times

-Not original thinkers, they only do or enjoy what they feel is mainstream and need constant verification from thier peers

-Ironically, they always have a negative opinion about everyone elses lifestyle or choices

-They sometimes do good things for others, but only so they can tell everyone about it and feel good about themselves or if there is a reward involved

-Are blindly proud of thier country, but have no understandind of how it actually operates

-They usually hate people that are more succesfull than them, but never do anything to better themselves

-Reality shows,or talent shows like American Idol are very popular with white trash as is daytime talk shows and police chase shows

-Many regularly attend motorsports events like Nascar, monster truck rallies, and demolition derbys...mostly the ones where they serve beer

-Any time a person has mossy oak camo furniture,or seat covers in thier vehicle, or wear camo clothing even when its not hunting season, automatically qualify

-They are more liberal with thier money. Instead of saving,feeding thier children or paying thier bills on time, they will buy video game consoles, and big screen televisions with any extra money they happen upon (tax returns,stimulus checks, or lottery/casino winnings)

There is a common misconception that white trash are only beer drinking,mullet having,camaro driving dirt bags that live in trailers, but that is an antiquated notion.With the help of Wal-Mart and over-seas trade, they can afford new clothes more often and blend in with regular people, so they are harder to spot these days.
white trash guy: "hey man, who you callin white trash?"

me: "umm, about 98% of the population"
by mr b 1192 June 29, 2008
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Racial slur. A derogatory term aimed at white people. A white person (particularly American) who demonstrates some of the following traits.

1. Listens to Country Western (not all, of course).
2. Lives in a trailer or a poorly kept apartment.
3. Very stupid/ignorant.
4. Extremely rude and nasty towards others.
5. On welfare or uses food stamps.
6. Has bad health.
7. Spends too much money on him/herself and not enough on his/her children.
8. Has a bigotted or racist opinion of other people.
9. Has blonde hair.
10. Did not care about school as a child.
11. Has a drug problem.
12. Has sex quite often.
13. Owns a truck of some type.
14. Watches violent programs on television.

The list goes on and on.
It's sad that people feel the need to insult each other. Unfortunately, racial bigotry and racism will never go away.
by rbxfromdashow September 03, 2004
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has no morals
grew up lower class
sponges off their family
scams their family
That bastard Leslie is White Trash.
by bummed out September 18, 2009
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A girl who gets knocked up by someone who doesn't want her, so instead leads on a decent guy so she will have a father figure in her inbred baby's life. She enjoys to cause lots of drama when people call her out on being irresponsible even though she's pregnant and will soon have to be responsible for two. She is lazy and will never get a decent job because she thinks everything should be handed to her. Stay away from these dirty girls. They will even get drunk at your house and make a scene. After they have almost succeeded in setting themselves on fire, they will throw up all over your bed and still treat you like you're worthless. They also enjoy hitting on girls boyfriends, and when the girl confronts her about it, Arianna will call you a array of immature names; including but not limiting: slut, whore, cunt, stupid bitch, ect. For all sanity to be saved, stay far away from these crazy women.
Person one: Who is that crazy girl?
Person two: I think her name is Arianna, And all I've heard is that she's totally white trash.
Person one: That explains some things.
by mich? October 16, 2012
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usually a fat ugly person whos on welfare and gets foodstamps, has horrible hygeine, smells like shit, buys their clothes at wal-mart and has a handicapped retarded father who buys clothes from k mart or salvation army. usually will live with a grandmother or aunt because own parents wont have them.
In some sort of trailer lookin house or mobile home.
Damn he live wit his grandma and on foodstamps look at that white trash he aint never gona get a girlfend , poor fat broke white trash loser
by blair February 24, 2005
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White people, who are usually poor although not always. This term differs from terms such as cracker, or hillbilly that just describe poor white people. White trash, however, describes the person's lack of morals or respect. To see these people at their best, watch shows such as MAURY, or Jerry Springer, or any MTV reality show Teen Mom, Jersey Shore, Real World, etc.
Miley Cyrus is the proof that you can be rich and famous and still be white trash.
by delilahmonique August 15, 2014
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Ugly, filthy whore who will chase after anyone, including trying to sleep with her brother-in-law.
Patrisha is a perfect example of white trash because she is bankrupt, has nothing, and marries older, ugly men who have money in order to get their money. Then, they continue to show what white trash they are because they chase after many other men, including their brother-in-law.
by Professor Kaputso February 01, 2015
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