Residents living between california and new york in rural areas and usually live in trailer parks, low income, like to hunt, most importantly are deeply religious in anything their neighbors are deeply religious with and vote for George W. Bush. More than likely dumb as a stump. Also carry many knives even when not hunting....and a flashlight.
George W. Bush is the epitome of white trash that somehow cheated his way through an ivy league school and thanks to his father achieved presidential status.
by Robobobobob September 06, 2006
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a low class male or female of limited intelligence who resorts to handling their petty relationship issues publicly in wal-mart.
your boyfriend claims that he's not white trash and yet he insists on fighting me in the middle of the store?
by joelv September 03, 2010
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People who are so trashy and that are white.
Yeah she lives in that trailer park.
Oh wow, thats some white trash! :D
by mynameistaylor (: October 13, 2009
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money, lies, sex, and drugs. Multiple divorces with many different children from previous spouses.
That man is a piece of white trash, who had multiple divorces and money issues with family and cheated on his wife.
by seektruth July 10, 2008
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like their own family the "best", drink cheap beer, chain smokers of "no name" cigarettes, skinny, thin straight hair, bad gene pool, beat women and brag about it, wear very outdated clothing, bum off everybody, have "kids" but don't raise them, ignorant about other cultures, laugh about everything, most have done time, uneducated.
I would like to clarify that "rednecks" and "white trash" are totally different entities entirely.
by Bunny August 10, 2004
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Common qualities to look for when identifying white trash in the field:

*ugly-ass girlfriend

*chews tobbacco/smokes

*smells like shit

*either long, greasy hair or short, shitily-cut, greasy hair

*carries around "snacks" at school (a 2 liter of Mountain Dew, a bag or 2 of Doritos, an entire case of rootbeer) and eats said snack very loudly in class.

*wears the same smelly-ass sweatshirt every day

*bad hygiene (often results in horrifying acne)

*wears sleeveless shirts despite complete lack of arm-muscle

*curses often, and loudly

*listens to the same shitty song (miss murder) all the time, loud enough so everyone can hear it

*wears cowboy boots despite the fact that they've spent most of their life in the suburbs and have never actually seen a cow

*has a "trash stash" (the type of mustache obtained when one never started shaving, usually patchy mixes of scraggly hairs and peach-fuzz)

*says the word "grody"

*loves to fight (especially behind safeway), and when not fighting, loves to talk about fighting

*women are almost always fat, men are usually way too skinny

*often associate with emo and goth people, white trash are not necessarily emo or goth, but emos and goths are almost always white trash

*wears the same hat all the time, which makes their hair even greasier and more shitboxed

*often have an ugly, fat-ass bitch for a mother who drives a schoolbus

*white trash chicks are sluts
Holy hell, CHS is infested with white trash, its population has gotta be over 50% white trash!
by wolfpussy69 May 29, 2008
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See Tonya Harding.

She had her ex-husband hire someone to attack her fellow figure skater. Later she made a porn video with said ex-husband and was charged with multiple drinking-related crimes including throwing a hubcap at her boyfriend. Then she began her career in Celebrity Boxing.

White trash: someone resembling these characteristics, especially throwing a hubcap at their boyfriend during a fight.
by Ashlee-D April 19, 2008
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