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One who frequently subscribes to Afro-Eurasian prostitutes (and therefore carries numerous unpleasant STD's)
by Flash June 5, 2004
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A race of humanoid animals, or- US. Oftenly insulted by idiots on the internet who think they know enough to make fun of the world.
If you look at all we've created, its really pretty impressive.
by Flash August 7, 2004
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Dialect of most West Texans who aren't hicks yet talk with a strong Southern accent. Commonly identified by an excess of I's "oo"'s and/or overemphasis on many vowels on some words. You know it's jigaleg if the speed of delivery suggests mild mental retardation but carries a mysterious charm and is surprisingly easy on the ears.
"Im from Teeehhhhhxhhhass"
"I laaaaiiiihhhkkk tha-ya-t"
"This paihhh is naaaiihhhsss"
by Flash June 12, 2005
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interjection : an informal hello sometimes used in conjunction with dude or bitch
by Flash January 30, 2003
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The state of most utter confusion and inner conflict
Man, ever since I saw gay marriage on television I have been in fozzage.
by Flash July 2, 2004
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cat that sucks his own balls and bites his nipples
Fuckbean, stop sucking your balls!
by Flash May 25, 2003
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