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a matress on a stand or on the floor (lol) that has a blanket and pillows on it and u got to sleep on it coz sleep is so good
im gonna go hit the sac... then im gonna go to bed ;)
by flash August 01, 2004

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A transmission commonly known as a "slushbox". One of the most pointless creations that man has ever conceived. Automatic transmissions essentially limit the amount of control one has over the engine, decrease awareness of driving, and shift like concrete in a blender. But slower. Automatic drivers can be spotted either with both hands on the wheel or both hands on the kids at all times. Or asleep. Americans have unfortunately become dependent on automatic transmissions. This is half the reason why they suck at driving. Jesus would drive a manual.
My brother got an automatic transmission so I disowned him from our family and requested that he be excommunicated from our church.
by Flash June 11, 2005

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College in northeastern Ohio that is overrun by cute, but annoying, black squirrels imported from Canada by a janitor over 30 years ago. Mascot is an eagle/lightning bolt.
I was once attacked by a black squirrel at Kent State.
by Flash February 03, 2005

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A race of humanoid animals, or- US. Oftenly insulted by idiots on the internet who think they know enough to make fun of the world.
If you look at all we've created, its really pretty impressive.
by Flash August 06, 2004

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A person, especially a woman, who regularly submits to anal intercourse.
Judy ain't nothing but a booty ho!
by Flash June 30, 2004

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A word that apparently used to mean something peaceful in Arabic according to the erudite advocates of the peaceful version of Islam. The correlation between exploding buildings and the word jihad today suggests that it has become something different. Much like a holy war. Or a path towards tranquility... in the form of jihadis (not to be confused with jedis) treading over the dead bodies of those who never wished evil upon them. Most importantly, it's a word we should use playfully to piss off the political correctness pundits and the assholes who believe it will benefit them in the afterlife to kill innocent people.
"I'm gonna put a jihad on you if you don't give me some tots."

"Dirka dirka mohammad jihad. Dirka dirka." - Team America
by Flash June 11, 2005

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The state of most utter confusion and inner conflict
Man, ever since I saw gay marriage on television I have been in fozzage.
by Flash July 01, 2004

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