As of 2011 Second most populated city in Connecticut, probably the most known city in CT besides Hartford, Bridgeport and Stamford. Also fourth most dangerous city in the country. New Haven is home to the Amistad and Yale University which is one of the best five Ivy League schools in the country. New Haven also has Hopkins school which is one of the best co-educational day school for grades 7-12 founded in 1660. New Haven is also home to the Connecticut Tennis Center where tournaments with some of the world's best tennis players. The Westville section of the city has much of the city's Jewish population and Yale activities. NH is CT's best college town, has a good amount of club's and it gets real..New Haven has the largest population of African Americans in Connecticut. Hartford and Bridgeport has more West Indians but NH still has them too, more neighborhoods are turning into projects. Yale area is dangerous, YOU WILL GET ROBBED! Things go down all the time all throughout the city a lot of stabbings and shootings, robberies. Things do pop off in the clubs. Stay away from Dixwell Ave & The Ville. Between Southern CT State Univ and Alburtus Magnus College down until Yale is the HOOD even south of dtwn and a little north of those two univs too! It's like a contest between (New Haven, Hartford mainly) and Bridgeport as who has the most shootings and murders. If it wasn't for Yale and The Amistad idk what this city would be.oh yea check out Pepe's pizza really good
New Haven, Connecticut, good, hood, bad, dangerous, Yale, Dixwell Ave, The Amistad, Connecticut Tennis Center, Whalley Ave
by InCTB July 29, 2011
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