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I would like to punch you anf kick you.
by Webster's Dictionary December 9, 2003
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adjective - the state of causing anger. Having the ability to raise tempers.
The way she argued with him was angrifying
by Webster's Dictionary April 7, 2003
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Wenda was looking seeky as she put down that textbook.
by Webster's Dictionary March 6, 2015
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An educated Black male with an goals of being successful and making everyone around him successful as well with an amazing stroke game.
Omg Juwuan has a huge penis.

Juwuan always trying to suck tittes.
by Webster's Dictionary December 21, 2016
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samisgay cheese, samisgay milk, samisgay dair products.
by Webster's Dictionary April 30, 2004
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1.a sexual move involving a man, a woman and incredible acrobatic and parkouring abilities (colloquial)

2. the action of doing the regmeup
1.Last night's regmeup knocked my socks off!

2.Have you ever seen Jack and Jill regmeup?
by Webster's Dictionary July 23, 2004
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(adverb): 1 A question.

(adjective): 2 A person who is horny.

(noun): 3 The act of having numerous sessions of rapid, intense sexual intercourse; 4 An exasperated declaration of annoyance, frustration, or joy; 5 When compared to another event, action, or item, the best event, action, or item possible; 6 A compliment on someone or something's physical appearance.
1 Rampant sex?
2 Hey, go get rampant sex boy.
3 We had rampant sex last night.
4 Rampant sex!
5 This ice cream sundae is almost as good as rampant sex.
6 You look like rampant sex.
by Webster's Dictionary September 29, 2004
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