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The spoken sound symbolizing the proverbial orgasm of frustration. Derived from the caveman era, first used when a caveman found his female mate getting mount-fucked by a mammoth and liking it.
Oh my GOD you bit off my penis I HATE MY LIFE GORGHUGH
by Webster's Dictionary February 21, 2005
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One who likes who get fuxd up and jerk it to porn
<Janoth> I ran outta alcohol and all i have is some bogus ass fuckin asophogous restoration pills or some shit in the medicine cabnet so it sux i need some xtra strength robutussin
by Webster's Dictionary January 18, 2003
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also known as scituates finest. these little bitches think they rule the world when in reality everyone hates them. older guys even think its funny to call this number which they refer to as the "hotline" where they can ask for anyone of these little hoochies and get laid...and with the track record of these fine young ladies the chances of that are very high.
scituates finest...more like scituates finest whores
by Webster's Dictionary January 23, 2005
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1) A way of life in which rather than let someone bitch you around, you hug anyone who stands in your way to death. Not letting anyone fuck with you, using an action of compassion for pain; that is the truest meaning of living the HugLife.
2) "<3* H U G L I F E *<3 nigga!"-John Ly
Man you fucking with me? Better watch out for this crew nigga, we livin the HugLife!
by Webster's Dictionary February 3, 2004
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(adverb): 1 A question.

(adjective): 2 A person who is horny.

(noun): 3 The act of having numerous sessions of rapid, intense sexual intercourse; 4 An exasperated declaration of annoyance, frustration, or joy; 5 When compared to another event, action, or item, the best event, action, or item possible; 6 A compliment on someone or something's physical appearance.
1 Rampant sex?
2 Hey, go get rampant sex boy.
3 We had rampant sex last night.
4 Rampant sex!
5 This ice cream sundae is almost as good as rampant sex.
6 You look like rampant sex.
by Webster's Dictionary September 30, 2004
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1) Any member of the Williams family
2) A fan of NASCAR
3) Anyone that wears wristbands and/or funny looking shoes
4) Anyone who comes from a long line of lawn care professionals
5) Anyone hailing from New Haven, Connecticut
Wow, Nate Williams is total white trash
by Webster's Dictionary March 16, 2005
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