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An amazing entree at the California Pizza Kitchen, with a white sauce, ricotta, mozzarella, fontina, parmesan and pecorino romano cheeses with fresh sautéed spinach.

One of the most amazing pizzas I haver consumed.
Hmmm, I think I'm gonna go with the white pizza. I'd also like a side of ranch dressing, thanks!
by DanniCupcake October 12, 2007
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The supreme race of pizza. This pizza can not dance, but it can do pretty much everything else. Like feed a family.
This burnt pizza is disgusting, it simply won't work.
You should have gotten a White Pizza.
by CharlieKyle August 05, 2011
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A slang term used to describe male semen.
Your mom was grubbin' on my white pizza all last night.

Your grandma called me this morning and wanted me to toss her up some white pizza.
by M. Mowski July 30, 2008
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