the perfect compliment to 'weak sauce.' originating at the prestigious bishop feehan high school. To say something is, or has 'thin crust' is to say that it has little or no solid ground to stand upon, or that an event or happening was particularly lame.

2) can be used to describe just how thin the crust is.
1) J-Fo's math test today was definitely thin crust with a side of weak sauce.

2) man, that test had the thinnest crust of all.
by matt 'stay classy' smith August 1, 2005
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When girls order thin crust pizza allowing them to eat more slices leaving less pizza for the guys.
Linda & Lamees: This thin-crust pizza satisfied our appetite perfectly!
Anthony: I'm still hungry..That's what I get for thin-crusting the pizza...

Linda&Lamees: We just thin-crusted your ass!
by The Popcorn King April 6, 2011
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A meme about skeppy sending 72 thin crust pizzas to badboyhalos house knowing bbh hated thin crust pizzas
by layaakasomeone February 2, 2021
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