Usually uneducated whites that inhabit trailer parks, low income apartments or live out in the woods.

They tend to eat pork rinds, KFC, varmint critters and drink a lot of pop and cheap beer.

Their mode of transportation is easy to spot - excessive exhaust, no muffler, numerous rust or primer stains, the WE SPEAK ENGLISH IN THIS COUNTRY bumper sticker and bungee cord keeping the trunk down.

The tend to vote Republican even though Republicans never make their lives any better.

Their sole pride is the big screen TV so they can spend the majority of their time watching WWE, Springer, Spongebob, South Park and NASCAR.

They have 4 kids before the age of 25 and their kids are little version of them - dumb, fouled mouthed and smelly.
There were so many confederate flags at the NASCAR race I thought it was a Klan rally...........stupid white trash
by glum68 December 22, 2008
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White trash doesn't just apply to low income hillbilly families who live in a trailer park, white trash can be found in any neighborhood of any social class. Some perfect examples of white trash are:

Having broken appliances, plumbing fixtures, and/or stripped cars on their front lawn.

Someone who lives in squalor, has garbage piling up all over their house and feces caked into the carpet while having 14 neglected incest kids with adhd running amok.

Being 14 and pregnant and if the kid comes out white, all the possible fathers are related to her.

Has a meth lab and/or meth addiction.

Someone who collects welfare or disability even though the individual is perfectly able bodied.

Someone who is missing most of their teeth before the age of 20 (due to lack of oral hygene, getting into drunken fights, and/or meth use.)

The watchers of and the guests on Jerry Springer, Maury, Steve Wilkos, Dr.Phil, and Judge Judy.

The watchers of American Idol, Dancing With the Stars, Mike and Molly, The big bang theory, 2 and a half men, NASCAR, Keeping up with the Kardashians, The Real housewives of anything, AFV reruns, and Cops also fall into this category.

If you are blood related to your biological parents in more than 1 way, making the "family tree" into the "family stump".

Somebody who has been on Cops.

Miley Cyrus.
Hippies , rednecks, backwoods hicks, emo kids, wiggers, juggalos, hipsters, gamers, and metal heads are other forms of white trash and they usually come from families with white trash backgrounds.

Not everyone who lives in a trailer park is white trash, it is found everywhere. In fact, you can even find white trash living in gated communities. Being white trash is how a person acts and/or what conditions they have themselves living in.
by A WHITE GUY April 26, 2015
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A person, or group of persons, who exhibit the following characteristics:

-own more than three yard cars and/or two RVs which must be up on blocks. An extension cord running to the RV is necessary to complete the look. Optional is the standard issue blue tarp covering one or more of the vehicles.

-Huntin' hounds, as many as possible.

-Attack chickens.

-Standard issue Mullet, Nascar shirt(may be substituted with an Stone Cold Steve Austin 3:16 shirt), and acid wash or camofluage pants.

-Unusual fondness for their siblings.

-Still in mourning over Dale Earnhardt.

Some good places to spot these specimens are the local drag races, Costco during food sample time, and DMV.
Bobby Joe's mullet makes him look so white trash.
by hunter June 22, 2004
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anyone who goes by the name Paris Hilton, wants to be Paris Hilton, knows Paris Hilton, or has spent one night in Paris Hilton.
"Paris Hilton proves you don't have to be poor to be white trash".

by your mom October 10, 2004
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A very broad term that can vary from region to region. Usually used to describe lowclass, selfish, and generally unintelligent people who usually don't know, or are in denial about thier overall shitty lifestyle.They are usually behind the current trends by 4-10 years.

Though it does vary regionally, some common characteristics may include:

-In men, a shaved head and goatee beard are common to cast the illusion that they are a bouncer at a bar

-In women it is common to see skimpy clothing and tattoos on thier back above thier pantline (see tramp stamp)

-Some wear clothing that was popular with African-Americans 3-4 years ago. Also,they sometimes wear basketball jerseys and shorts, though thier physique would suggest that they have never played any sports...ever

-Talk and act like they are good at fighting, usually it is in fact, only an act.

-They buy items to repair thier home, car, etc. though with good intentions, usually aren't used and sometimes converted to various pieces of furniture

-Are always proud of material items that someone else has(usually thier boss, or brother in law)

-Get tattoos and tongue or eyebrow piercings even though they have been out of style for approx. ten years

-Use "big" words and don't know the definition...or try to sound well spoken around non white trash. ex: "What had happened was,he had the audacity to not wanna fight, so i punched him in the face."

-Usually white trash can also be identified through thier children.Excessive animal hair on thier clothing, mohawk haircuts, and professional wrestling t-shirts are indicators.Along with loud talking, screaming, and intrusive questions to complete strangers.

-Use material items as an extension to prove thier worth or manhood. Including big trucks and or wheels, big dogs (pitbulls), and big television sets

-They almost always have a large ego. They feel that they are neverwrong or at fault and if you feel differently they will threaten you physically

-They have very unique political views. The ones that actually work usually vote democrat because the media makes them feel they are upperclass if they do so. Ironically the non working ones with "disabilities" (bad back) are proud republicans even though its the democrats that keep thier welfare checks coming

-They always talk of being good parents, and upstanding citizens,though rarely are

-They don't feel that music is good unless it's been played on the radio a million times

-Not original thinkers, they only do or enjoy what they feel is mainstream and need constant verification from thier peers

-Ironically, they always have a negative opinion about everyone elses lifestyle or choices

-They sometimes do good things for others, but only so they can tell everyone about it and feel good about themselves or if there is a reward involved

-Are blindly proud of thier country, but have no understandind of how it actually operates

-They usually hate people that are more succesfull than them, but never do anything to better themselves

-Reality shows,or talent shows like American Idol are very popular with white trash as is daytime talk shows and police chase shows

-Many regularly attend motorsports events like Nascar, monster truck rallies, and demolition derbys...mostly the ones where they serve beer

-Any time a person has mossy oak camo furniture,or seat covers in thier vehicle, or wear camo clothing even when its not hunting season,they automatically qualify

-They are more liberal with thier money. Instead of saving,feeding thier children, or paying thier bills on time, they will buy video game consoles, and big screen televisions with any extra money they happen upon (tax returns,stimulus checks, or lottery/casino winnings)

There is a common misconception that white trash are only beer drinking,mullet having,camaro driving dirt bags that live in trailers, but that is an antiquated notion.With the help of Wal-Mart and over-seas trade, they can afford new clothes more often and blend in with regular people, so they are harder to spot these days.
Hey, look at the white trash, they have a big-screen tv box on thier porch
by Mr. gix September 11, 2008
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An individual that may or may not be poor, but is monumentally ignorant and quite possibly stupid.
All Matt talks about is NASCAR when he can barely remember what street he lives on. What a piece of white trash.
by tradesman March 31, 2003
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