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As seen on a popular website in reference to Britney Spears.An insulting term meaning retarded poptart, meaning a stupid ("tard" as in "retard")tramp; "tart" is used in this reference."Pop" because she was a "pop" singer, hence "poptard"
Britney Spears is a poptard
by Pogmotoin January 18, 2008
skag me: a silly act invented in my junior high years ago where a person slides their hand down another person's face, from forehead to chin, along with the words "Skag me!" meaning is unknown, used as some sort of humourous jeuvenile gag.
skag me!
Go give her a skag me
I just got skagged
by Pogmotoin January 9, 2008
Any person who is an annoying jerk or idiot. Used in an insulting way to describe anyone one does not like. Comparable to "asshole".
You are such a suck hole
Get lost you stupid suck hole
by Pogmotoin January 9, 2008
Crude insult, comparable to bastard, prick, cock-bite,asshole and the like.
"Shut-up, you suck-hole!"
"You're such a suck-hole piece of shit!"
by Pogmotoin October 8, 2008
"There's a swasticker of those evil Nazis again!"
The skinhead had a swasticker on his notebook.
by Pogmotoin March 2, 2009
Noun, meaning either a frequent flier; a person who has taken numerous airline flights, or
a pilot who thinks the sky is only theirs, without regard or thought to other pilots flying nearby; comparable to a "road hog"; they "hog up" the skies with their me-first selfish mentality.
I have been on 35 flights so far; I'm a skyhog
Who does that guy think he is?He's not the only one flying this airspace!What a skyhog
by Pogmotoin January 9, 2008
Combination of when you hiccup and cough at the same time.
"Man, I just did the weirdest hiccough!"
by Pogmotoin February 24, 2009