A small canister (usually 8 or 16g) of nitrous oxide gas (N2O). Used officially in making whipped cream, but more often used recreationally to for its dissociative effects. If used properly and in moderation whippits are harmless. However, improper inhalation (e.g. wearing a mask or putting a bag over one's head) can lead to oxygen deprivation, and heavy use can lead to vitamin B12 deficiency. You'd have to be a complete moron to put a bag over your head in any situation, and the B12 deficiency is easily treated, so nitrous is a pretty safe drug.
Me: I knew someone whose 19 year old son died by using whippits. Apparently he put a plastic bag of the nitrous over his head.
Someone else: What an idiot.
Me: Yep, there's always someone who gives a safe drug a bad name.
by Live free or die August 29, 2007
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Opening a fresh can of whipped cream and holing it upright without shaking it and inhaling the gas inside and getting a big rush for 15 seconds
I got bored last night so I just did a quick whippit
by kac-jesus-how October 23, 2018
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releasing NO2 from a cannister into a balloon and inhaling it. The effect is temporary, lasting only about one minute, and is harmless. (NO2 is used by dentists regularly during painful operations)
Let's do a whippit.
by J November 27, 2003
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Nitrous oxide dispenser, used legitimately in making whipped cream.
I'd urge considerable caution to those who see this as a recreational drug. Be sure that, if you use it to induce unconsciousness or even get close to that state, you can get away from the gas. My 19-year-old son died by filling a plastic shopping bag with NO2 from a Whippit and hanging its handles over his ears while lying face down in his bed. He passed out and suffocated. I found him dead the next morning.
by Richard Hull February 4, 2007
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(noun) Whippits are small metallic containers of nitrous oxide(laughing gas) intended for home use in whipped cream charging bottles. However, using a "cracker" and a large balloon, the user can open the whippit and release the gas into the balloon. The user then inhales the contents of the balloon for an amazingly intense, immediate, but albeit a short-term body and mind high. Typically referred to as "hippie crack". Sold in boxes of 12 or 24 in most headshops. Have fun!
Dude, this party is dead. You got any of those whippits left? I gotta cracker and some balloons in my car.
by mhibma March 4, 2006
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to get high from the propellant in whipped cream cans, nitrous oxide. it involves putting one's mouth on the nozzle while holding the can upright, pressing the nozzle to the side, and inhaling deeply. don't do this at home - it'll put holes in yer brain.
doing whippits is great when you'r on E
by minghi April 27, 2003
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When you use a "Cracker" to put nitrous oxide inside a balloon.
You then exhale all of your breath in your lungs & inhale all you can from the ballon, you hold it in until you can't anymore & breathe back into the ballon & repeat until you pass out. Warning: you may think you have died for the "fun" time you are passed out if you are on E or anything, this is very dangerous & should not be done, this is just a definition of what crazy people do.
by Ex-User March 3, 2004
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