24 definitions by mhibma

-What's Mike up to these days?

-He's livin' in Sact'o and going to grad school.
by mhibma May 31, 2006
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(adj) The Redwood Curtain (RC) is the extreme northwestern corner of California, i.e. the coastal counties of Del Norte, Humboldt, and Mendocino. The RC is the norcal version of the Iron Curtain in eastern Europe erected during the Cold War and is mostly used in a derogatory sense, whereby the RC symbolizes the area's lack of cultural or metropolitan qualities as well as poor transportation access, sparse development, rugged geography, and a weird provincialism among the native locals.
Hey, have you heard from JJ?

Nah, haven't heard from him since he went behind the Redwood Curtain to go to Humboldt State.
by mhibma August 08, 2005
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(n.) Acronym: Standard Oil of California, a.k.a Chevron.
The first oil explorations in Saudi Arabia began in 1933, when Socal representatives concluded contract negotiations with King Ibn Saud, thus beginning a fateful symbiotic relationship, which scholars have portrayed as a marriage of convenience. Through the 1933 contract, Socal was granted a 60-year concession to pump Arabian oil. The economic, political, and social fallout of this relationship has deeply affected the foreign and domestic (more so in Saudi Arabia) policies of both countries to this very hour.
by mhibma September 19, 2006
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(v.) To cut someone off in mid sentence or argument by interrupting them with a response that stops their thought process cold.
Dude, I was making a point in class the other night and my professor broke in on my shit and totally slashed my tires.
by mhibma October 05, 2005
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(adj) Coined in November 2003 by Slate Magazine writer Daniel Gross. "Bushenfreude" describes pissed off yuppies, POYs, who perpetuate, "...the phenomenon whereby high-income beneficiaries of the Bush tax cuts use their windfalls to fund Democratic candidates." The word is a combo of "Bush" & the German word: "schadenfreude," which means somebody taking pleasure in someone else's pain. Many POYs hate Bush but love the benjamins his tax policies have let them keep. They express their hatred of the person who enabled them to make their money and keep it by donating it to those who want him out of the White House.
Person 1: "What it up with all these $11-cup-of-coffee-sipping, Volvo SUV driving, yuppie house-flippers who hate Bush? Don't they know that he has kept the IRS outta their koolaid for over six years?"

Person 2: "Bushenfreude, bro. They're just having too much fun shitting themselves with glee over Bush's inability to speak English clearly and also very fashionably hating everything else connected with him to see that all that bank they have now was because Bush told the IRS that their scrilla was all nunya.
by mhibma April 24, 2007
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(n) The result of opening a can of beer whereby the foam that comes out resembles the wings of an angel.
Dude, you know you've got a nice brew when you pull the tab back and the angel inside spreads her wings.
by mhibma August 08, 2005
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(noun) A tpical fat ass.
Fat ass- Hey, don't eat the last box of ho-hos! I'm saving that for later!

Normal dude- Take it easy there, Lunch-Box...
by mhibma April 18, 2006
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