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(n.) A cocktail consisting of tequila and green-tea. This drink salutes the tequila-drinking maquiladora workers who earn their scanty pesos from Japanese-owned conglomorates to make shirts, socks, and cheap plastic crap for American consmers.
-Dude, you got anything to drink?
-Nah, just some Cuervo and some green-tea bullshit your mom left here.
-My mom, huh?
-Fuck it and fuck you, Tequila San-rise time it is then.
by mhibma July 17, 2006
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(noun) A tpical fat ass.
Fat ass- Hey, don't eat the last box of ho-hos! I'm saving that for later!

Normal dude- Take it easy there, Lunch-Box...
by mhibma April 18, 2006
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(adj) A chick who is so broke that she comes over and hangs out and whatever just to use the damn phone.
Hey you still on the fucking phone? WTF? Why don't you just go over there and talk, you fucking phonejacker?
by mhibma April 24, 2006
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(n.) A real Class-A asshole. A supreme fucking dick-lick whom you wouldn't cross the street to piss on if they were on fire.
Hey, have you heard from Robert?

Nah, that fuck scab hit his grilfriend in the face at the bar the other night. I can't stand that shit, so fuck 'im.
by mhibma September 19, 2005
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(v) Urinating on a willing girl after consuming vast quantities of Mexican beer. Can also mean to urinate in a gilr's ass and then having her shiss all over something or someone.
Hey, dude see that girl over there? I showed up at her place with a mini-keg of Dos Equis last Cinco De Mayo and gave her a Mexican carwash!
by mhibma August 30, 2005
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(n) Born behind the Redwood Curtain in Arcata CA, the Idiot's Convention is a semi-annual gathering of half-wits, nimrods, and schmendricks. Convention activities include copious drinking & puffing, too-much disc-golf, random concerts, and bowling.
Ay! Are we having an Idiot's Convention this year?

Fuckin' a we are! It'll be our 420th anniversry this year!
by mhibma August 8, 2005
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(n.) Acronym: Standard Oil of California, a.k.a Chevron.
The first oil explorations in Saudi Arabia began in 1933, when Socal representatives concluded contract negotiations with King Ibn Saud, thus beginning a fateful symbiotic relationship, which scholars have portrayed as a marriage of convenience. Through the 1933 contract, Socal was granted a 60-year concession to pump Arabian oil. The economic, political, and social fallout of this relationship has deeply affected the foreign and domestic (more so in Saudi Arabia) policies of both countries to this very hour.
by mhibma September 19, 2006
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