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DiNitrogen Monoxide. N20. nitrous, laughing gas,
Man, two baloons of that hippie crack and all i want is more!
by Subeej March 31, 2003
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This is the term for Nitrous Oxide, or laughing gas, used to get high. It is usually administered by taking the small metal capsules used in the old fashioned whip cream canisters and piercing the top with a 'cracker' (paraphenelia used for this exact purpose as no one making sundaes uses a cracker) and allowing all the gas to fill a large balloon. The balloon gas is then inhaled and held in until the user starts to feel a high from the gas. This high only lasts only lasts for a minute or less but leaves you wanting more- Hence the association with Crack. Other than killing braincells its fairly harmless (don't take this as gospel) so its more for lightweight hippies instead of serious drug addicts. In addition, its become very popular in deadhead type gatherings and is associated with Hippies in that way too.
Hippy Bob bought four cases of nitrous to sell at the rainbow gathering in Ocala so that he would have gas money to drive his VW bus back to upstate New York.


Bob wanted to get high but had a drug test coming up for work so he sat and did hippie crack all night
by loodog the great dog January 07, 2012
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The fine powder, or crystal, that collects in a hand held coffee grinder's lid (or similar gadget)from using it to cut up your pot. This powder is collected and is called Hippie Crack. The addition of this Hippie Crack to a joint can give it pleasant kick!
Dude, add some of that hippie crack to this blunt!
by my_name? February 10, 2005
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when you get a bunch of cristies and compress it into a tight brick and it lasts a long time and burns well :)
bro i made the best hippie crack
by :P sex June 06, 2011
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Marijuana or Weed that has been filtered to remove all of the crystals from the substance. This is done by using a spinning process(Coffe grinder or Blender) and the crystals are removed and look similar to crack cocaine.
Man!Nice weed lets spin that shit and make some hippie crack.
by Patrick__69 July 26, 2006
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This is another term for hash or hashish. It stems from the fact that both crack (rock cocaine) and many types of hash are sold in little chunks or rocks.
Stoner #1: Man, that hippie crack smells fantastic!
by Mantis7 Soulseek February 02, 2005
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