DiNitrogen Monoxide. N20. nitrous, laughing gas,
Man, two baloons of that hippie crack and all i want is more!
by Subeej April 1, 2003
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when you get a bunch of cristies and compress it into a tight brick and it lasts a long time and burns well :)
bro i made the best hippie crack
by :P sex June 7, 2011
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Marijuana or Weed that has been filtered to remove all of the crystals from the substance. This is done by using a spinning process(Coffe grinder or Blender) and the crystals are removed and look similar to crack cocaine.
Man!Nice weed lets spin that shit and make some hippie crack.
by Patrick__69 July 26, 2006
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This is another term for hash or hashish. It stems from the fact that both crack (rock cocaine) and many types of hash are sold in little chunks or rocks.
Stoner #1: Man, that hippie crack smells fantastic!
by Mantis7 Soulseek February 3, 2005
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marijuana that has been mixed with cocaine, or crack cocaine into a joint
light up that hippie crack
by Sean Mac June 2, 2005
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Very strong cannabis. AKA one hit shit or heady nuggets. Usually "name brand" strains including white widow, AK-47, blueberry ect.
whose got my hippie crack?
by TreePhiend April 9, 2006
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nitrous oxcide aka nitrous aka nos aka n20 aka laughing gas
by Anonymous August 15, 2003
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