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"That ballon can jump surprinsingly high!"
"Shauna just ate all of my cookies, that ballon!"
by thunderfox73 September 26, 2013
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Cork slang. Depending on the context means "Go on ahead"/"keep going" or "well spotted" Very much a northside version, so uttering this phrase while wearing a tracksuit adds gravity to your statement.
Chap one: "I say, would you care to indulge in a beverage with me?"
Chap two: "Nah, boy. I'm going out with the oul doll. Ball on."

Chap one: "Oh dear. There appears to be a group of drunken lingerie models in the corner who are attracted to men with buzzcuts and homemade indian ink tattoos over there!"
Chap two: "Wha?!? BALL ON!!!"
by Gaz Edmunds October 03, 2006
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The misspelling of the word 'Balloons' when my co-worker attempts to get our chat bot to spit out links of big bouncy breasts.
"@kato show me some organic water ballons"
by gnomishperson December 07, 2011
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a ballon is a balloon
(as seen in the description of apex
Jesibelle: "Have you seen my new ballon?"
Orwell: "That is totally apex!"
by Sharkdog September 05, 2003
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