The act of shaking la derriere. Founded in pole/table dancing, popularised by hip-hop stars.
Missy be booty shaking like a bad mo fo
by Gigi July 13, 2004
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The shaking of one's ass. It's best whenWomen do a booty shake, because they have nice big asses!
When that girl did that booty shake, I got a boner.
by Anonymous August 3, 2003
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its when someone shakes the bate in front of you & doesnt give you the treat...
yeah my girl friend works in the club booty shaking guys for money she makes them think they have a chance...
by Andrew 702 June 28, 2010
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(n.) Time when three female friends all shake their booty at the same time while dancing to:
a) an underground rave techno song (most prefferably)
b) an dirty rap song
c) fast classical music
*while a WHICKED techno beat plays in background*
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a class that one takes solely for the purpose of ogling the eye candy. so named because latin booty shaking is a spectator sport, yet many seeming heterosexual males are very interested in taking part in an activity they have no reason to take part in.
Rick: Dude, do you want to take "nursing" next year?

Astley: Naw brah, that class is so gay

Rick: Lemme put it this way. It's basically "latin booty shaking 101" nawmeeeen?

Astley: Ohhhhhh, dude hellz to the yeah!
by mcsamchilovin' June 15, 2009
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when a human being shakes their ass so fast and furious it causes the ground to ripple instead of their ass.
did you see big bertha break that house down with that monsterous booty shake
by walden8starz July 11, 2008
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