A Second Name that comes from Scotland and now forming in Ireland. Comes from the word "Badger" in Gaelic which is "Broc". A Traditional family name which, on it's coat of arms, means "Pride"
Man1: Whats your Second name?
Man2: I'm from the Brockie Clan.
by Jimmy9768 November 27, 2012
Brockie is a nice caring person who cares about everyone, but if you get on his/her bad side you better watch out. she/he is hard working and put all her effort in anything she/he dose. she/he will make you smile and make you happy when your feeling down.
hey Brockie is pretty nice
by definition of life biss February 4, 2019
1. Overy large and bulky women. 2. Big wide shoulders on a female with a muscular abodomen, like a line backer. 3. Anything that makes you say "Got dam thats a big bitch" Or "WTF is that really that fat"
OMG thats a Brocky bitch. Im sorry but that girl was so brocky she could play for the Patriots. Abby your Brocky.
by Doctor Hitch YO April 2, 2013
A brocky bukkake is the gay version of a bukkake. When 3 or more guys ejaculate on another mans face.
We were at the red roof last night and the new guy got the a brocky bukkake from all 5 of us.
by Big Johnson47 June 5, 2017
A GMH/GMC lover's explanation of a cars performance due to their total lack of technical knowledge.
Ford guy: i got this new ford falcon that has had some after market upgrades. I had a cold air intake fitted and the specialist made some programming changes to get the fuel/air mixture at optimal percentages.

GMH/GMC Guy: I bought a holden Commodore. I sprayed it mat black, dropped it on its guts, fitted a tacho to the wrong side of the windscreen and fitted a "brocky chip" to the computer.
by SpikkaSpakk October 10, 2015
A term used to describe someone that is terrible at basketball, especially those that play for long periods of time in the game and contribute absolutely nothing.
Person 1: Dude, that guy hasn't scored a single point this game, is he a suck ass ?
Person 2: Nah, he's just a "Brocky Youngblood"
by BrockYoungblood69 December 14, 2014