Well just because you searched that you're obviously bored what did you expect to find?
I'm bored so I'm going to search what to search
by Guy dude 123 April 22, 2017
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Well, if you don't know what to search in the urban dictionary, why not try to solve this problem:

Evaluate ∬ yz+4xydS where S is the surface of the solid bounded by 4x + 2y + z = 8, z=0, y=0, x=0.

A: "I don't know what to search so I searched i don't know what to search."
B: "You searched i don't know what to search so that's means you know what to search. Liar."
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When you are surfing Urban Dictionary and you reach the point of satisfaction where you've sufficed yourself with countless memes, crude humor, random slangs and whoever the fuck Samantha Mackenzie is and why she's so beautiful/amazing/etc... then you proceed to type this very sentence into the search box. You probably only wanted to search something like "I dont know what" or "I dont know what to search" which lead you to this post. Realize now that you are here, in this very point in space and time. Embrace it. Then continue to question what the fuck you're still doing on this page, and why you're still reading this.
Guy to self: "Alright, time to find out what a loli is!"

-stares blankly at screen-

Guy to self: "Wait, what was I.. ah, whatever!"

-proceeds to type out "i dont know what to search right now" and ends up on this very page, which autocompleted as "i dont know what to search right now why the fuck am I on urbandictionary" and had to be mentioned within this example because of Urban Dictionary guidelines-
by The Worlds Loneliest Man July 2, 2019
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well apparently you are very bored because if you're not you won't search this. you are even more bored that dumb people who type in qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm
guy: what the heck to search???!
ud(ur dad/urban dictionary): then search that
by FishyFrog May 20, 2022
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Forget something? Well, most likely, what you're trying to search is something you just heard or read a few seconds to a few hours ago. I'd start by backtracking on what you've done or been involved in. Hope this helps!
"Help! I forgot what I wanted to search!"

1. What's the last article/page you were on?
2. What site was it?
3. What was your last converstion about?
4. Where were you last?/Where were you going?
by The Quiz-Trivian-Naire October 26, 2013
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