Used in Football Twitter debates by plonkers, usually as a footer, when they assert some stupid agenda-driven opinion in an excessively overbearing fashion. A short form used by especially lazy plonkers - HTH.
1. "Fergie and Keane couldn't stand eachother. It didn't effect his performances. As he was an actual professional unlike the midfield Balotelli.

Hope this helps"

2. "Not as massive as your fucking forehead pal.

Hope this helps "
by TwerkyTommy December 20, 2018
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In an email - it means why the fuck are you asking me/fuck off
Jay: did you send that file to me Ryan?
Ryan: yes, 2 weeks ago about 3-4 times. Hope this helps.
by Baybay10 March 29, 2017
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What someone says in return when you ask them a seemingly innocent favor.
Me: Hey Jen, do you mind if you can send me a picture of your naked body? I am currently studying the anatomy of the female body in my physiology class and need a good body to study on.

Jen: Yeah sure!!!

*sends picture of her naked body*

Jen: Hope this helps!

Me: Oh it helped alright...
by Mary Mary Quite The Contrarian January 25, 2020
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Used in order seem helpful on a surface level but in reality this phrase is often used sarcastically in response to a bullshit text message or email.

basically a polite way of saying "you're an idiot, fuck off"
1. "Man I hate not having any money"

2. "Thats because you're unemployed, Go get a job, Hope this helps."
by ☆⌁ June 16, 2023
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A phrase used at the end of a horeseshit answer to make it sound helpful
User 1: Please help me my bf and I had sex and he came inside me and I think I might be pregnant please help!
User 2: If you don't wanna get pregnant, wear a condom. Hope this helped!
User 3: ew why would u ask this question on yahoo answers you disgusteng ideot!
by NotHelpful August 6, 2012
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After giving advice to people on a forum, this phrase clarifies that you are serious adn not "messing with the newbies"
""Right Click, then Save As... Hope that helps!"
by crowd September 26, 2003
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