21 definitions by FishyFrog

either stand for urban dictionary or ur dad...
guy: what is 1 + 1
another guy: ask ud
guy: my dad or uran dictionary
another guy: bruh what the heck is uran
guy: I'm asking you a question!!!
another guy: either
by FishyFrog May 20, 2022
a swear that everybody says, like seriously
website: faq
guyz: wtf u swear i will report you
by FishyFrog May 20, 2022
when you are curious about fishyfrog and wants to find out more...
Let me search fishyfrog on urban dictionary... hmmm... WTF????!!!! let me search froggyfish
by FishyFrog May 20, 2022
He is charming. He is attractive. He is handsome. He is affable. He is nice. He is patient. He is smart. He is determined. He is creative. He is respectful. He is polite. He is agreeable. He is stupid?????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is ur dad...
by FishyFrog May 20, 2022
tastes like gunpowder
yum so delicious the creeper! like gunpowder!
by FishyFrog October 12, 2022