A category of empire management strategy game, typically turn-based, that covers the four paradigms of eXploration, eXpansion, eXploitation and eXtermination.
Some famous 4X games include: Civilization, Space Empires, and Rise of Nations.
by Abdul June 7, 2004
Mountain Bike Race with four riders racing is knock out format.
Four riders will race each other down short manmade course with jumps, berms, stepdowns.
4X racing takes place all over the world.
Britain has the largest series in Europe check out www.nps4x.com
by Chris 4X Roberts April 22, 2007
"Four Ex": Internet and texting abbreviation for "for example".
#US has swept #Olympics medals in #SummerGames several times, 4x 2008 Men's 400 meters and Men's 400 meters Hurdles.

Jst wching news, 4x CNN ch 9 ch 5
by DyNama February 14, 2014
Fourth-cousin-four-times-removed (4C4R).
My fourth-cousin-4X-removed is a good person.
by N8953SW June 27, 2021
Seventh-cousin-four-times-removed (7C4R).
My seventh-cousin-4X-removed is a good person.
by N8953SW June 27, 2021