A place in which one can truly call home, with it's sandy interior and white sandy beaches this state is great
Yo let's go to Western Australia
by Legitaussie 🇦🇺 January 24, 2021
The best Australian state, with the best trained police in the whole country and the centre of operations for the Special Air Service Regiment (SASR).
by MikeDawg96 January 16, 2012
When God was making Australia, he started with the eastern side. After creating all of it's wonders, be couldn't be bothered making the western half, so he put a desert there and filled it with a heap of obnoxious, self-absorbed pricks.
"Would you like to come to Western Australia with me?

"No, I would prefer choke to death, thank you".
by D McMoney December 27, 2011
Should I kill myself?
(Hands over the once-yearly plane ticket to Perth, Western Australia)
by SuxPerth January 31, 2010
The state in Australia that no one gives a flying-fuck about.
Person A: “Whats that state in the west of Australia called again?”
Person B: “I think it was.... Western Australia?”
by enustah July 24, 2021
Western Australia, australia's version of a cowboy state. They want Independence, but also want access to all of the Commonwealth's funds. Complete Independence means just that. Better learn how to speak South African.
Western australia. They want to be 'free,' from the Commonwealth of Australia. South Africa will welcome them as their new province.
by Iam not Elmer Fudd June 18, 2020