A short way of saying no one gives a (crap, sh*t, f*ck, et.) usually to avoid saying the curse word but also to say a shorter version. Someone may want to include the curse word, but it might not be the right place and time to say it.
"You got a 99 and not a 100 on your math test?." "Guess what? no one gives ." (Pretend their in school or some place where you should be polite.)
by CarolineForbes1469 April 5, 2018
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When you really really want to emphasize that no one cares about something. Not only does it feel satisfying to say, it's a quick and easy way to shut someone down when they say something stupid or trivial.
Guy 1: My favorite color is white.
Guy 2: No one gives a shit.
by Dictionary-Man 2.0 December 7, 2021
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seriously no one gives a shit about anything you post about urban dictionary on your story
no one gives a shit, stop fucking posting these annoying ass screenshots
by christopherstagram November 24, 2021
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Response to a person or situation that you could give less than two shits about.
Hey look, I just found what my name REALLY

No one gives a fuck!
by Everyone Else in the World November 24, 2021
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The extreme act of no more shits being given. Can be used in any act of lost hope and caring of a situation, especially in the instance of wearing the wrong color sweater on the wrong day.
by MBM Corp. January 29, 2016
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Jenn: Wow, Anton is so cute. I totally want to give one to him.

Jess: You can't. He's gay.
by gsizm January 25, 2010
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