An expression/idiom for when one is overly amused with ones own humor.
Zeus: "Hades, you should take it easy or you'll work yourself to death. Hahaha, get it? To death! Haha, I kill myself."

Comedian: "Why is 6 afraid of 7? Because 7 ate 9. Haha, I kill myself sometimes."
by chausies July 10, 2021
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No you are a beautiful amazing person and if anybody says anything different I will take advice from 13 reasons why, track them down and shove a broomstick up their ass and skate in my socks across the bloody tiled floor.
You: seaerches on urban dictionary "Should I kill myself?"
Me with no friends: Don't do it, I love you and if nobody gives a shit about you I do!
by Somekidinmedford August 11, 2019
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A term Nigerians often use to justify their tiredness or hesitance to do more than they have already done. A phrase that has become a handy excuse for lazy people.

The phrase however, is the first portion of the refrain in a famous song by Timaya with the same name. The song insidiously grows on you, crawls into your ears and lays musical eggs in your brain.
Amaka: Seyi, will you attend tomorrow's meeting?
Seyi: No, i won't. I can't kill myself.
by Grumpy Ned January 4, 2020
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don't. please. don't.

you don't realize how many people care for you. even though you say that people do not care for you, don't die. don't cut yourself. yes, i've dealt with this before and i almost did die, but i just realized that it's you who cares for you, dont kill yourself. people are there who love you, even though im a stranger i love you so much. please do talk to someone if youre having suicidial thoughts.
suicide hotline list:
person 1: i fucking hate myself. i wanna kill myself.
person 2: don't. :(
by GDGIDGODIOGIDGOD January 11, 2023
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Something that Sayori does when Monika messes around with her chr. file. It doesn't really matter since Monika's real and Sayori isn't.
Monika: messes around with sayori.chr
Sayori: My life is nothing! I serve zero purpose! I should kill myself... Now!
by Monika's Boyfriend March 29, 2022
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I've been there, it gets better. Don't give up on yourself :)
friend1| i want to kill myself.
friend2| :(
by destruction > improvement February 3, 2020
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