Good friend,handsome and has a big dick but he can't use it cuz he is getting friendzoned all the time.
That guy is so hot but he is such anze.
by BigGuyWhoLovesMetal May 27, 2017
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A mysterious Slovenian man who is occasionally around but never speaks. When Anze is around, he tries to buy your house for three dinars.
That guy never speaks, he's such an Anze.
by MonsterDash December 15, 2020
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a man with harry big ass that smells a bit like strudel but looks shiney
Damn that girl has an ass like anze
by dejan tomic March 12, 2020
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An awesome NHL player (the first Slovenian ever) who plays with the Los Angeles Kings of the NHL, who dominates all competition
That Anze Kopitar, he is completely badass
by Petersen April 03, 2008
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a big man with a passion for bank stuff and computer stuff. often he will own a website that he spends an unreasonable amount of hours on, and he snores a lot. oh btw he also works at anz
“Would your dad let you come to the movies with me?”
-“Of course he would, he’s rodney from anz!”
by SammyGreeen May 19, 2019
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Anze black is the hottest mommy ever.
Tottaly bro!
by Tessayouhoe September 06, 2021
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