1. to voice one's opinion in a blunt or inappropriate manner.
2. to state the truth (def. 1) i.e. that which is on everyone's mind but no one has the guts to say outloud.
Jim wendled when he was at a funeral and said "Who cares, its just a dead guy!"
by OrientalFantasyMix May 12, 2005
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To make, at any time, the most innappropriate statement or series of statements possible.
Underage girl: Do you have a pen in your pocket?
Wendler: No, it's a boner. Are you sexually active?
by gcjohn October 28, 2007
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-The awkward end of the week time that happens after Wednesday (hump day) yet before the end of Friday (the start of the weekend).
-Consists of Wednesday, Thursday, and until 5:00 PM on Fridays.
Because I have to work this weekend, I decided to go home for the wendle and spend some time with the family.
by lgfletke June 30, 2009
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A word used to talk about and Asian near them with out them knowing.
Me-Yo look at that fuckin wendle
dan- Fuckin Wendle, why isn't he studying his math.
by Crrealz November 30, 2007
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Slang term used to refer to Wendy's Fast Food Restaurant. Often used by teenagers.
Yo, you guys wanna get baked and cruise to Wendle's to snag some munchies.
by Jtapsexy April 01, 2008
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Slang word for the fast food chain 'Wendy's"
-"Dude i wanna get a frosty....where can I get those again?"

-"Oh dude, you can get those over at Wendles"
by Yizzmo September 18, 2009
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