Ryan Bladdich
“ The US Department of Words (UDW) named Ryan Bladdich as the biggest weirdo.”
by Ryan is a weirdo November 19, 2018
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J, Preiya...

born weird, continues to be weird, will end weird
BOB: hey whose apartment we pre-gamin at?
BUBBA: Oh its these two gurls and this weirdo that live there. The two girls are cool, but that weirdo, man...
by monkey April 2, 2005
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Someone who is weird at times but you love everything about them, even things that other people may see as "weird", so you just take the weird things as another thing to love.
Cas, you're such a weirdo and that's just one more of the countless reasons why I love you X
by 666(Crowley) March 9, 2016
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A strange boy named Brett, that enjoys his English teacher a little too much.
Brett and his English teacher's eyes met and he cracked an instant 2cm boner.
by Jedda September 13, 2003
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name of someone who is weird, usually with the name of plumbum.
they are weirdos
by alcoholic drinks April 8, 2011
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absolute fu***** stupid person that plays fortnite
my friend is a weirdo because he plays fortnite
by Gibby was taken October 17, 2018
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A Rawn-lo or Rinlond.

A chuffler or monk
Rawn-Lo Chuffles like a Weirdo
by jonny1leg September 29, 2007
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