pencils are not made of plumbum any more
by chody November 29, 2003
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Ravaging around with no regard for anything or anyone.
When panda rushes 3 htp members with a dgl, knowing they have navies and colts.
by panda December 21, 2004
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The Latin word for the element Lead (Pb)
What you call a fat person
Plumbum is the Latin word for Lead(Pb).
That whale is such a plumbum.
Even chubby people are plumbums.
by XeNe245 September 22, 2013
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1. The original Latin noun for Lead, which the atomic symbol Pl (for lead) is derived from.

2. Somebody who has permanent plumber's crack.
1. Mmmm, plumbum paint chips...

2. Jeez, that guy always has plumber's crack. It must suck to have a plumbum.
by Scotto the Great October 25, 2006
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