A word you use to sound smart.
Turning off a lightbulb is so unconventional these days.
by Waffle-O November 30, 2014
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Somebody who's appearance does not conform to conventional beauty standards, but can still be considered attractive.
lily cole is an unconventional beauty
by Cadet Ruby March 20, 2019
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someone who is not considered beautiful but looks pretty gorgeous in their own unique way
a person may not be very beautiful lookswise, but maybe very charming, she's referred to as an unconventional beauty
by dakssavasere November 27, 2010
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someone with very fucked-up morals. (amoral) usually does drugs, smokes, drinks, and has shitloads of sex, used to describe girls mostly
dude that chick is morally unconventional like shit, she's been down on everything except the titanic
by hello-clitty December 8, 2009
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A term used for the male penis when receiving a blowjob.
If that bitch keeps it up, I'm gonna have to show her how to use an Unconventional Toothbrush
by UnderworldElement May 23, 2005
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