She said I like male penis but I'd love to try female penis sometime.
by magicdigits01 May 18, 2011
Women grow a female penis every month that needs to be cut off to avoid infection. If not done in time is can lead to extreme pain and discomfort, however if surgically removed at birth it will not grow again.
Girl 1: “I can’t believe so many boys don’t know about the female penis”
Girl 2: “I know right, have u cut yours off yet?”
Girl 1: “Oh I got mine removed when I was born!”
Girl 2: “lucky I did mine this morning, I bled so much!”
by Aamina_x_ May 27, 2020
Also known as the clitoris (or clit for short), is regarded as the female penis for a few key factors:

1. It is the most sensitive part of the external female genitalia from which pleasure is derived (similar to the head of a penis)

2. It becomes longer and harder when aroused (similar to a penis)
The female penis is able to penetrate the man through reverse sex
by Sweetpea & Baby Cakes February 1, 2008