Classic wedgie- When somebody grabs a nerds breifs or tighty-whities and yanks them with heavy force.

Atomic wedgie- When the underwear's waist band is pulled up over the victims head and onto the nerds forehead

Nuclear wedgie- when the underwear is pulled over the victims head but not over

Ripper wedgie- When the underwear is ripped

hanging wedgie- When the victim is hung by his underwear and lifted off the ground.

sky high wedgie- when the victim is ung on a very high object such as a flag pole or a tall tree

superman wedgie- when the wictim is flown around by their underwear

melvin/mervin- when the underwear is pulled up from the front.

ive gotten all of these wedgies in the past ouch!!!
by wedgied September 29, 2008
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When someone pulls up your tighty whities causing extreme pain.
I was on my way to class when a bully came and grabbed me. He was a senior, so he had a car. He pushed me into his car and locked the doors. He took me to this old barn behind his house.He tied me up and made me call my mom to say that I was at a friend's house.(so she wouldn't get worried)He then grabbed my clothes off me until I was only in my underwear. He left and got 13 or 14 other seniors. 5 of them grabbed my tighty whities and pulled them up over my head. He then tied me again and taped me to the wall. They took pictures of me. Then he untied me and hung me from a lamp on the cieling. My undies didn't rip so I just hung there, crying.They started to grab my butt and twist the cheeks. It hurt really bad. They laughed and spanked me for about 10 minutes with planks. Then, they let me down and took me to the barn's bathroom. The toilet and sink were dirty and old, but they still worked. They pushed my still wedgied butt onto the seat and pulled my undies over my head again. This time, though, they pushed my undy covered head in the green toilet water. They taped my head so I couldnt get my head out of the toilet. They ran out and the farmer found me a day later. He even laughed at me too. Then he yelled at me to get off his farm, so I got up and left, not realizing that I was only in my underwear. I was walking down the highway when I realized . I cried on the side of the road until a car picked me up and took me home. I thanked him as I got out, but when I turned around I saw him cracking up as he drove away.I still have a clear memory of that painful wedgie.
by Marvin "Loser" Thomas January 15, 2008
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when someones underwear is yanked up sharply and causes pain. There are many types of wedgies such as the melvin (when the front of your underwear is pulled up), a jock lock (were ur undies r pulled and then your legs are bended back and then ur feet are put thro the holes), a hanging wedgie (were ur undies r hooked onto something high like a coat hanger) and there r lots more! Most people love wedgies and i suggest u try them, also spanking your self whilst in a wedgie is good. wear tighty-wightys, boxers, thongs and other things like that! you may also like to try making your own pants for wedging. By some strong thin dental floss and some elestic and tie the floss to the elestic so that there are holes for your legs then start yanking! not everybody will like them but they might be good at the start of s.e.x. or to turn someone on or durring a strip tease or something (private strip tease) and if u want to wear some sort or stretchy thong or g-srting (or micro-thong) and have a shoulder wedgie in front of collegeous!!!
u can find wedgies in most high schools!
by nahnahnah12425 August 2, 2010
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when you grab someones underwear and pull up
Once in the summer we were hanging out a the ABC field and some seniors challanged us to a basketball game. There were 6 of us and 9 of them. We just lost and my friend RJ got them really pissed off. Then they gave him a wedgie from the basketball hoop. It was about 8 feet of the ground. He was wearing boxer briefs so they only stretched about 2 feet. He was still about then 5 feet off of the ground. It was so funny. Then they took him off and gave him an atomic wedgie. We couldn't get it off of his head so he walked around with us for 3 hours through Ridley Park until we finally got it off. We said that if he was ever rude to us we would give him another wedgie and wouldn't help him. That day was so funny.
by Johney May 22, 2008
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Pulling up of another person's underwear as high as possible to cause pain in the butt. Ofton used on sissies
and nerds who wear briefs.
The school bully once hung me by my boxers on the hook in his locker and left me there for the whole day. My butt was sore for a week. He threatened to leave me there next time. When he was finished with school for the day he gave me a swirly for 30 seconds before letting me go.
by James the sore butt June 4, 2005
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what happens to all: nerds,geeks,dorks,preps, rich kids,freshman and brief weareres. A person whom usually wears boxers will usually pull the victims underwear (usually briefs) up the victims crack. If the victim fights back at the giver, and the giver loses, then the giver must switch underwear with the victim and then be given an hanging wedgie
Today in gym class the seniors gave all the freshmans wedgies in the lockerooms, even the freshman wearing boxers. The seniors then hung each and every freshman on a locker and kicked them in the balls several hours, and left them there.
by aeb1 October 5, 2006
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A prank when someone pulls on another's underwear violently. And since the inner skin of the butt is more sensitive, it will hurt. There can be more than one way to do this.
For summer, I went to LA with my friend for about a month and a half. After about a couple of weeks through the vacation, my friend wanted to go outside instead of just staying inside the summer home that his family owned. We played around with the basketball equipment and chased each other around the local beach. And just before we went inside my friend grabbed the water hose, pantsed and wedgied me. Then he turned on the water and sprayed me in the butt. I squirmed and tried to un-wedgie myself, but the kid was double my strength. I guess his arms were sore, so he let go and turned of the water. And I just limped inside and changed into dry clothes and underwear.
by Corg Kid July 7, 2018
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