A wedgie is a prank in which the victim has their waistband of their underwear pulled up. A wedgie is painful, since the underwear is forced up the butt cheek. Boys that wear briefs are usually targets for wedgies, since briefs are considered un-cool by the cool kids and are more embarrassing than boxers. Wedgies are usually performed to embarrass someone, or for the fun of it. It is one of the more common types of school pranks, usually performed by bullies.

An atomic wedgie is one where the underwear is pulled up and goes over the head. A hanging wedgie is one of the most painful types of wedgies. The victim has their underwear hanging by something, such as a coathook, a flagpole, a tree, etc. It is very painful, since they can be in the wedgie for a very long time. Wedgies are even more embarrassing if you don't have your clothes on (besides the underwear). A melvin is a wedgie performed in the front, rather than the back. If a wedgie is performed and the underwear is pulled really hard, the underwear can rip, causing even more embarrassment.
I am a victim of wedgie torture. Once, at a sleepover, my friends decided to wedgie torture me. First, they stripped me down to nothing but my tightey whiteys. Then, they gave me an atomic wedgie, and forced me to run around their neighborhood in that wedgie. It was very embarrassing. Then they gave me a hanging wedgie on their fence and left me there until nighttime. A bunch of people saw and came by and laughed at me. Then, they took me down and each of them wedgied me 5 times. Finally, they gave me a hanging wedgie on a coathook, which I had to sleep in. I peed a lot of times. It hurt like hell! I was squirming in that wedgie, and my white briefs didn't even rip. The next day, they each got a turn to pull me down as hard as they could until my briefs ripped, which actually took a long time. Then, they sent me home naked. My butt still hurts from that wedgie experience!
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when someone grabs either the front of your underwear or the back and pulls up as high as they can go
True Story

I was walking home from school and and the three school bullies jumped me. they tied my hands behind my back blindfolded me and made me walk to some place i still dont know of. they untied my hands and gave me a hanging wedgie. they took off the blindfold and started laughing at me. they made me call my parents and say that i was staying over at my friends for 1 or 2 days. one of them pulled my legs down as far as they could go and they each took turns punching and kicking me in the balls for about 5 minutes each. they then took me down still in a wedgie and tied my hands together. the main bully gave me a superman wedgie and flew me into the bathroom. they gave me a swirly for 30 seconds while still in the wedgie put me in a hanging wedgie for a minute, then gave me another swirly for a minute. they then took me to the closet, and there was a hook on both sides. they put the front of my underwear on one hook and the back on the other hook. they then put duct tape over my mouth and left me there for about 3 hours. they came back fed me rotten food, and then made me drink 3L of water. they then took me down blindfoled me and put me on a flagpole in the school. i had to wait until someone came to get me down. i was in a wedgie for a total of 37 hours.
by anomuss January 02, 2012
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When someone yanks upward on your underwear. Usually done on weaker people or done in a group to average/stronger people. It induces a large amount of pain towards the crotch/ass. Incredibly painful and there are a large variety of techniques. Hurts more if the reciever of the wedgie is wearing tighty whities (briefs). As tidey whities tend to take longer to rip(escpecially Fruit of the Loom and Hanes), and they stretch farther. They're also harder to un-wedge, and go deeper into your crack. Opposed to boxers, which rip easier, easier to un-wedge, and don't irritate and hurt as much.

Boxer wearer's tend to pick on a tighty wighty wearer through the wedgie. The wedgie is also a common locker room use. Should someone be shown to wear tidey whighties (briefs) then they should be the victim of many wedgies into the future and beyond until everyone seems fit.
"I wear tighty whities and while changing in the locker room, a student saw me and screamed out TIGHTY WHITIES! While I tried my best to change, a rather large guy, grabbed the waist band and yanked up incredibly hard. I was immobilized and 4 other guys came and yanked upwards as well. My lower area was burning incredibly and I couldn't stop it. ALl 4 of them spit into my underwear as they yanked, giving me a messy wedgie and causing much pain and irritation. They finally stopped and took my stuff leaving me in nothing but my thong-ed out briefs. Ever since then, I have been the victim of many unfortunate wedgies."
by Wedgie victim June 07, 2007
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Classic wedgie- When somebody grabs a nerds breifs or tighty-whities and yanks them with heavy force.

Atomic wedgie- When the underwear's waist band is pulled up over the victims head and onto the nerds forehead

Nuclear wedgie- when the underwear is pulled over the victims head but not over

Ripper wedgie- When the underwear is ripped

hanging wedgie- When the victim is hung by his underwear and lifted off the ground.

sky high wedgie- when the victim is ung on a very high object such as a flag pole or a tall tree

superman wedgie- when the wictim is flown around by their underwear

melvin/mervin- when the underwear is pulled up from the front.

ive gotten all of these wedgies in the past ouch!!!
by wedgied September 28, 2008
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A painful form of punishment or torture on uncool male children inwhich the underwear is pulled up sharply forcing itself up the victims ass. This may be complimented with swirlies, nipple twisting, and ball kicking.
When I was a freshman i was walking through the halls by myself when i was suddenly yanked of the ground by my tightey whities. I twisted around to see the school bully. He kept on pulling until i was in an atomic wedgie(underwear pulled over your head.) It was last period so he gave me a hanging wedgie on the hook on his locker. I heard the bell ring and suddely five seniours including the bully grabbed me from the locker and ran into the bathroom. they ripped off all my clothes except my tightey whities and flushed them down the toilet. They took pictures of my pasty body and then twisted my nipples really hard. Then they gave me another atomic wedgie but also a jock lock. Then they shoved my head into the toilet and gave me a swirly fo a minute. I started to cry but that just made them laugh more and kicked me in the balls. They finally took me outside again and slammed my back against the wall. then they grabbed my underwear and gave me the wrst frontal wedgie. I knew my sex life was over from then. They finally got bored of me and gave me a hanging wedgie from the basketball hoop.
by where its at20290 October 01, 2012
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Verb. A prank where the bully or bullies walks up behind the unexpecting victim, and takes the waistband of his briefs and pulls them up the back, while the victim is still wearing them. Sometimes if the bully is strong enough they can lift the victim off the ground by their tighty whiteys and hang them on a high place by their briefs, such as a hook or basketball hoop. Wedgies are most commonly performed on wearers of briefs (the cool male style of underwear) not on any losers who wear boxers, who are usualy giving the wedgie. An atomic wedgie is when the waistband is pulled over the head of the victim, while he is still wearing them, thus blinding him.
One time me and my two friends: nick and kevn were sleeping over. We are all 13 and in the same classes. Since we all wear briefs, my older brother who is 16 decided to give all of us atomic wedgies. Then he went back up stairs. We all fell asleep with the atomic wedgies still in. Then when we fell back asleep, he came back downstairs, unhooked each of our wediges, and tied the backs of our tighty whiteys together,took all of our clothes off except for our undies, and put us outside and locked all the doors. Since it was a sunday morning, my parents didn't wake up till 11 am, so all the neighbors saw. Then my brothers friends came and gave us each a hanging wedgie. They pulled out briefs through a chain link fence, and twisted a tennis ball in each of ours, so it was extra hard to get out of. We were hanging there for a couple hours until they came and got us down.
by elmer the great March 03, 2007
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when you grab someones underwear and pull up
Once in the summer we were hanging out a the ABC field and some seniors challanged us to a basketball game. There were 6 of us and 9 of them. We just lost and my friend RJ got them really pissed off. Then they gave him a wedgie from the basketball hoop. It was about 8 feet of the ground. He was wearing boxer briefs so they only stretched about 2 feet. He was still about then 5 feet off of the ground. It was so funny. Then they took him off and gave him an atomic wedgie. We couldn't get it off of his head so he walked around with us for 3 hours through Ridley Park until we finally got it off. We said that if he was ever rude to us we would give him another wedgie and wouldn't help him. That day was so funny.
by Johney May 22, 2008
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