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When you applied for an awesome new job but one of your mates applied for it behind your back and beats you.
Greg was so confident that he had the new job that he had already bought a new suit, but then Jon applied and weavered it away from him. Jon starts Monday
by Screech161616 December 14, 2011
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When you are working on one task and then you are distracted and you start working on another task.
I was working on that contract when Anthony came in a started talking to me. Then I started surfing the web. Damn I was Weavered.
by weavering October 26, 2013
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When your drunk ass co-worker calls in to work cause he got hammered the night before.
Damn Ross totally weavered us today and were going to be short. At least he inst here to make any mistakes like he usually does though
by twofive5 June 16, 2016
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The act of pissing someone off so bad on a social media site that they delete other friends. Most likely out of embarrassment.
I was her friend til my boy weavered her.
by sailorjerry November 27, 2011
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