Language designed to sound like something without actually saying anything... Deliberately so ambiguous or watered-down as to be essentially meaningless.
Republicans are in favor of "Strong Family Values"
by Honor February 27, 2005
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deceptive words, misleading speech or literature.
I will not be tricked by weasel words this time.
by Light Joker December 10, 2006
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Language designed to have a built in an escape hatch, to make it look like you are being bound without actually being bound.
When you say "Solely for the purposes of confirmation of the Amended Plan, and for no other purpose, the Parties agree that they will not assert that the Springing Lien Trigger Date has occurred," you are using weasel words.
by Pseudonym1415 May 31, 2018
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Weasel words are commonly used amongst bureaucrats to appear as if they have an idea of what they are talking about. Beware when using in written communication as someone smarter may just pull you up.
Did you catch that legend carve up Caroline at the hearing?
Caroline? The weasel words chick?
Yeah, that Caroline.
Nah mate, couldn't cop all the gibberish.
by DontBeaMaurice November 20, 2020
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Douchebags that covet dictionaries, searching for big words to present themselves as intellectuals while attempting to confuse you with their smertness when in fact, they're complete fucking asshats that know sweet fuck all about what they're saying ... but it sounds good.
Common word weasels include graduates of artsy fartsy programs currently serving french fries and wondering how they'll pay for their $50,000 student loan for puppetry.
by LookDumbass November 8, 2011
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