To play a practical joke on someone. yet another Bogan saying from the Rugby League loving Australians.
a) Lets send your dad to get his Johnson smoked at the local brothel.

b) OK, but it would be alot funnier if he got smoked by an Asian ladyboy. Even better if he only found out she was a ladyboy after he blew!

a) That would be a carve up.

b) It would be a deadset gee up.

a) true story talk about having to man up.
by jango fett August 17, 2006
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When a player moves quickly past an opponent during a game of skill.
Todd: Johnny carved up Sebastian the other day.
Ben: Johnny has game bra!
by SsTtUu April 10, 2011
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To excell at something, normally associated with dancing eg: in a club
"Mate you're carving it up"
"carve it up on the dance floor"
by skippy.du August 2, 2006
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When a man performs anal sex on a woman.
"I'm gonna carve up some butt steak tonight."
by Rickyy August 25, 2007
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the action of having a more than decent/ good amount of eliminations or a streak of kills in cod or some other fps. also could be known as 'racking up bodies'.

to carve up, you are good at what your playing and you have experience with mass genocide.
player/teammate: "yo what the fuck chris, you carving up my g"

'chris' who is carving up: "thanks nigga"


player who is carving up: "cuz, im carving/carving up"

teammate: "you have 3 kills bitchass"
by Dead step sister February 17, 2021
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