beautiful, intelligent girl with a quirky side. Lien's are very outgoing and friendly, but they have bad tempers. They are destined to marry hot football players. Lien's always get what they want. Some are evil and moody, but most are friendly and sweet.
Lien is amazing
by Thatoneboyyy July 24, 2010
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Can be kind,funny and lots of more things lien is a girl that usually talks to boys a lot and gets attached she can get very moody sometimes so stay away when that happens
we’re is lien
How are you lien
by Chevy is hevay February 24, 2020
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A girl who is super hot and cute

But her crush doesn’t like her back :)
Lien is super duper HOT & CUTE
by Lien April 21, 2019
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The definition of Super lame and the opposite of smooth.
Why are you being such a lien!
by Drsmoooth June 27, 2014
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It is one of the most commonly found girls' names in Latvia (Eastern Europe). Liene is a wonderful person. She also happens to be very beautiful. Liene cares for her friends, and is a very social person. She enjoys parties, but she doesn't really like being the center of attention. It takes a lot for Liene to fall in love, but once she does, it's pretty much forever, unless the other person breaks her heart. She is loyal and trustworthy. Girls named Liene usually look for careers in business, accounting or teaching. Their hobbies usually include soccer and rugby. They would love to try handball or floorball, but don't have the time. Lienes enjoy drinking d-light and eating white chocolate. Their favorite color is blue, and they prefer dogs over cats. Overall, Lienes are the best friends that if you are fortunate to have, you'd better do anything in your power to hold on to them.
"- Liene came over last night and helped me out big time..
- Yeah, that girl fits the name Liene perfectly!"
by mrshughlaurie October 4, 2009
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a little girl who likes to eat cracker oout of the ground. she likes to be original and can beat everyone up with a single fling of her boogers.
ex. *flickk* awwwww that guy over there just died -.-
by miss.jones February 8, 2005
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