Something people believe the Iraqis have because of 50 percent media, 50 percent Bush, and 0 percent truth.
If there's one thing Bush is good at, it's lying.
by TheBurninator December 11, 2003
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the U.S. has plenty of them, and they used them without remorse in the past.
Anyone remember Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and Vietnam? All were devastated by America's use of Weapons of Mass Destruction. For instance, nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and Agent Orange on Vietnam.
by sarcastic July 8, 2003
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Items of such atrocities that do NOT exist!
Geroge Dubya: Hmmmmm, we've been searchin' for them weapons of mass destruction for about 4 years now and still ain't found none. Well, we must call for more American troops wasting there lives for no reason in Iraq! (when it should really be Afghanistan because of Al-Qaeda)
by woobie October 10, 2005
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the term Georgey boy uses all the time to try to look smart and pretend he knows what he's talking about or to cover up what he means.
Iraq has (wants to say-OIL) Weapons of mass destruction and must be (tooken advantage of and bombed into the 78th century BCE) Disarmed!
by coca October 31, 2003
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A replacement word you use when you cant pronounce the word "nuclear" correctly.
George W. Bush: "Our goal in Iraq, is to find, and kill, these nuculer- nucu- new-cue- nuc-lee-er, um, mu-cu-.... weapons of mass destruction.
by Gir's Moose May 17, 2007
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As determined by Bush:

Nail Files, Pocket Knives, AK47s, paint ball guns, laser pointers, chemical weapons, etc.

Weapons designed to level entire cities or more. The only recorded use of them in war throughout history has been against Japan in Hiroshima and Nagasaki

eg: A bombs, H bombs, Nuclear Missiles, but NOT chemical weapons
A couple of terrorists were scouting out a building for over 2 years which they then planned to destroy with "weapons of mass destruction". Oh wait a minute... why would you hunt for a good place to use a nuke or other missile when such a weapons is more than enough to destroy the entire neigbhorhood?
by Jorotonimo April 21, 2005
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