Japanese port city founded by the Portuguese in the late 16th century and unfounded by the U.S. on August 9, 1945
Hope these fuckers like fried rice- Nagasaki
by DONALD DUXY November 29, 2018
An alcoholic drink comprised of one part eggnog and three parts sake. Popularized by Andy Bernard in the season 3 Christmas special of The Office.
Some places won't make it for you, because eggnog is seasonal. NAGASAKI!!
by pwnzone November 3, 2009
The second city that was destroy by an Atomic bomb by the Americans in 9th of August 1945. After this in the 15th of August 1945 the Imperial Japanese Empire surrendered itself and so ended the age of WW2.
See it isn't that hard to make a good definition about Nagasaki.
by Martioc October 23, 2007
To microwave something for the second time, after realizing it wasn't microwaved enough.
I needed to Nagasaki my noodles after it was too cold the first time I microwaved it
by Harry_Truman September 14, 2018
Also got bombed
Another kid in 1945: Daddy that cloud looks like a mushroom!
*Evaporates again, dieing instantly*

Also, that was in Nagasaki
by My yee 2 January 31, 2021
was founded by fisherman a small outpost in 1500 and was unfounded by the USA in august 6 1945.
Bro, Nagasaki was such a tragedy
by ya boi laikken November 19, 2019
Farting in an elevator as it descends then getting off at the ground floor.
I let fly a silent-but-deadly Nagasaki on the second floor then got off the elevator on the first.
by MontetheCarlo February 28, 2013