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performing sexual relations with a corpse
Necrophiliac: C'mon you know you wanna perform necrophilia someday man. Remember, dead women never say no...
by woobie October 9, 2006
A beautiful metropolis located in center of the Hawaiian Islands. Located on the Island of Oahu, Honolulu is the Capitol of Hawaii. Tall skyscrapers, beautiful beaches, tourism, and much more. One of the best cities in the USA!
Honolulu is one of the best cities ever in the U.S.
by woobie May 31, 2005
for me, the worst state in the country, filled with hippocrites, racists, hicks and rednecks. though columbia is the largest city there ain't nothin worth seein in this state except hilton head & myrtle beach.
How in the hell am I supposed to enjoy a place like South Carolina when I just moved from Cali?!
by woobie May 30, 2005
the ghetto way of saying street. usually when one is too lazy to use the correct pronunciation.
why did the nigga cross the skreet?
by woobie May 28, 2005
besides Jerry Springer Maury hosts the best talk show. the funniest topic is the paternity tests because whenever the test comes negative there's always drama. other topics are fat babies, cheating husbands, man or woman?, etc.
Taniqua: Quatarius I know you the daddy. I only slept wit u and no one else.
Quatarius: *itch please, you's a skank ho. Always been partyin' & bein wit dem dudes.
Maury: Taniqua, are you sure Quatarius is the father?
Taniqua: Maury, I'm 150% positive he's Iesha's daddy. He gots the eyes, the chin, the earlobe...
Maury: When it comes to little Iesha, Quatarius, you are not the father!
Audience: OHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!
Quatarius: What now?! I told you! I told you! YEAH!
*~Taniqua runs backstage sobbing, Maury follows, Quatarius jumps for joy~*
Maury: It's okay. You're now one step closer to finding the father. Who's next on your list.
Taniqua: Well (sniff) Quatarius was #62. Kareem has to be the daddy!
by woobie June 6, 2005
a phrase mainly used by rednecks and other southerners to get a black male's attention in a rude, racial manner.
Old redneck: You n***er over there! Come here boy!
by woobie October 8, 2005
cloth or mesh that fit properly over the head and can be used for to enhance the appearance of "waves" on a persons head, keep braids un-nappy, or just to wear for style.
Guy 1:I'm wearing my doo-rag to get waves!

Guy 2: Dude, that looks like a head condom.
by woobie May 30, 2005