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besides Jerry Springer Maury hosts the best talk show. the funniest topic is the paternity tests because whenever the test comes negative there's always drama. other topics are fat babies, cheating husbands, man or woman?, etc.
Taniqua: Quatarius I know you the daddy. I only slept wit u and no one else.
Quatarius: *itch please, you's a skank ho. Always been partyin' & bein wit dem dudes.
Maury: Taniqua, are you sure Quatarius is the father?
Taniqua: Maury, I'm 150% positive he's Iesha's daddy. He gots the eyes, the chin, the earlobe...
Maury: When it comes to little Iesha, Quatarius, you are not the father!
Audience: OHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!
Quatarius: What now?! I told you! I told you! YEAH!
*~Taniqua runs backstage sobbing, Maury follows, Quatarius jumps for joy~*
Maury: It's okay. You're now one step closer to finding the father. Who's next on your list.
Taniqua: Well (sniff) Quatarius was #62. Kareem has to be the daddy!
by woobie June 05, 2005
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a phrase that's usually said when you're having sex. boosts ego and stimulation and expressing that the sexual activity feels great. it can either be said by the passive, the active or both partners.
yes, baby yes! uhhhh! oh! say my name! say my name!
by woobie October 09, 2006
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1. the popular song by R&B singer Mya
2. a sentence where you tell someone how you feel about them but can't find the right word to describe it.
Woman: How can you describe your love for me?
Man: Uhh, My love is like... wo...
by woobie May 29, 2005
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performing sexual relations with a corpse
Necrophiliac: C'mon you know you wanna perform necrophilia someday man. Remember, dead women never say no...
by woobie October 09, 2006
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a phrase someone (preferably black people) say when they disagree with another's comment.
Guy 1: Laquisha has a fine ass.
Guy 2: Yea but yo momma's ass is better.
Guy 1: Nigga please.
by woobie May 28, 2005
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a dumbass former governor of california. he focused on giving money to stupid things like prisons instead of schools or the community. him and president bush would make perfect companions.
If you don't want to be like Gray Davis stay in school!
by woobie June 05, 2005
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