1.G love means Gangster Love gangster love
It’s that tough love that you can’t get from anyone or anywhere

2. An awesomeeeee song of Krept & Konan and Wizkid
by Pndshawty March 15, 2020
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(A.K.A Garrett Dutton) Legendarily Epic Hip Hop Blues Singer From Philadelphia, Frontman Of The Band G Love And Special Sauce. Has Written Many Epic Songs Such As Booty Call, Superhero Brother And Baby Got Sauce, Currently On Jack Johnson's Brushfire Record Label. This guy Is AMAZING!!!
Listen To G Love !!
by Wiggle-Like-A-Worm August 7, 2008
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A singer/songwriter who has created such awesome hits like Milk and Cereal and My Baby's Got Sauce. Awesome music, check it out.
by beattie April 14, 2005
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G-Love from the band G-Love and Special Sauce. He is particularly good looking and can play the harmonica and guitar at the same time.
That song G-Love played at the Jack Johnson concert last year was amazing.
by Sassy Sarah May 26, 2005
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When a man inserts his penis for intercourse, but pulls out after two to five seconds and leaves.

In some germanic countries, successful completion of a G Love yields the man a reward such as ice cream or candy.
I pulled a "G Love" on this girl last night. Just left her hanging.
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as in a g-lover... one who hits the g-spot
Damn that g-love made me scream last night!
by guts and hearts March 1, 2005
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as in G-Lover.... one who hits the g-spot
I got me some g-love last night that made me scream!
by guts and hearts February 28, 2005
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